Friday, January 25, 2013

Smoke & Mirrors

©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

Funerals are a lot like weddings.  They require the same amount of planning, but you have less time to do it in.  Family members come together with all their individual craziness.  Everything is heightened because of the emotions of the moment.  Insanity abounds.

Each person, living their life, is like an actor in a role in a play.  You take four people (or fifteen, or fifty) and have them come to a major life event.  They show up on stage reciting lines from their show, to others reciting lines from their show.  One person espouses Hamlet, the other Death of A Salesman, another swings down from the rafters singing Pirates of Penzance.

If you grew up with these people, when you meet, two things happen.  One - your memories from childhood obscures your viewing them clearly.  They may be 47 but in your mind they're still 5.  They may be 15 years clean and sober but they're still the junkie from the '90's.  Two - you connect with the Being that originally agreed to co-create this group experience with you.  Regardless of birth order, even parent and child, all these Beings equally created coming together as a family.

In that Essence connection there's affinity.  You Know that person.

If we all could only operate with that higher awareness, no conflict would ever happen.

But that wouldn't be any fun, would it?

So how do you navigate these events with the least amount of bloodshed?  Amusement.

Amusement helps you step back from the heat of the situation.  It helps you rise a step above the group's energy level and see things more neutrally.  Amusement is a spiritual energy.  It's not laughing at people, it's light heartedness about the whole experience.

One technique is to imagine what's occurring as a movie.  You can even imagine background music.  Is it a comedy or a drama?  You decide.

Ask yourself, what would it be like if you were bigger than this?  As Essence, you are more than your body or your personality.  Power struggles deflate when you're connected with your Infiniteness.

Most of all, take nothing seriously, not even yourself.  When all of this is over, you'll hang up your doublet and hose, they'll take off their fedora and raincoat, and everyone will rendezvous at Heaven's bar for a good laugh about Life on Playground Earth.

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