Saturday, February 9, 2013

We Are Everything

©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

My mother passed January 21st, her funeral was ten days later.  Since then, one granddaughter reported her coming into her dream (two days before she died), another has had several incidents of birds, particularly chickadees (her grandmother's nickname for her) showing up - one landing beside her *inside* an airport!  My sister in law 'felt' her in the kitchen the other day, in her housecoat, observing everything going on.

The first glimpse I had of her was a day after she passed, while the mortician from Going Home Cremations was in the living room giving us paperwork to fill out.  She was standing off to one side, a tall and slender shadowy figure, in her 20's (the age she was when she came to DC), smoking a cigarette.

Later on, I've mostly felt her show up looking like she did when she worked for the Agency, in her late 60's.

I've never seen her in a housecoat, although there's one upstairs in her bedroom closet.

And now, when I look at photos we took of her over the last two years I've been here, I don't recognize her.  That should be the person I'm most familiar with, but the person I'm feeling is a good 15 years younger.  Before her dementia set in, and macular degeneration took half her sight.

The house feels empty and yet it's not.  Her essence fills all the things in it.  I drive down the street and realize she's not here, and yet everything is brighter.  It's as if her life force went into everything, every cell in every living plant has her spark of life.

Even though I've had these visual impressions of her, her energy wasn't fully localized (except now, as I'm typing, I sense her next to me, and now she feels more like she did in the weeks just before she passed.

We can summon people if we consciously think of them.  They can also show up unannounced when circumstances warrant it, such as on an anniversary date or holiday.

While writing this, I've felt her move into my space, feeling more like when her body was shutting down, when it was so uncomfortable.  She wasn't in any pain, she just had no energy.

Yesterday would be three weeks since she went to sleep and didn't wake up, not passing until the following Monday.

I had expected stronger impressions, I had expected more direct communication.  Some of the reason I haven't had these things, I think, is because I was so focused on caring for her body (it was like caring for a newborn in the final three weeks), that it diminished my spiritual sense of her.

Another reason might have been that we were so inundated with relatives, it was hard (as a sensitive) to "hear" her.  Vibrationally, it was like a rock concert in this house.

I started writing this last week, and estate actitivies kept me from finishing it.  It's quieter now in the house, telepathically/empathically I still feel the family more than my mother.  I do feel her, she does show up, just more diffuse than I expected.  She took a long time to exit the body, however, so that explains a lot.  She feels like she's been gone a lot longer.  At the same time, it feels like she's never left.

What I'm most aware of, is that she's in everything.  We walk the dogs and every thing seems brighter.

I used to think that when we died we just moved to an unseen dimension.  I didn't realize the vibrational shift on, what is to me, a perceptual level.

I used to think there was more of a separation between the seen and the unseen.  When my friend died ten years ago, I sensed him come and go.  I sensed him connecting at time points that differed from my own.  However he was only 56 when he went, and he passed suddenly.  Perhaps that's the difference.

With Dorothy, I notice a transference from form to non-form.  It's only as I write this, in the dark, at 5am, that I sense an aspect of her personality show up.  Maybe it's too soon.

But the new thing I've learned is this:

We are in everything, just more focused in our (denser vibrating) bodies.  When we passed, we're released.  Our Essence expands into all of creation.

Writing it down, I realize that I've intellectually known this all along.  What's different now is that I feel it.  When Princess Diana died almost sixteen years ago, I remember sensing she'd shifted cellularly into all of creation, but I'd assumed that was because of her status.  Her personality was known worldwide.

Everyone goes into everything.  Physicists have known this for a while, but they're thinking in terms of atoms.  Consciousness does, too.

The thing to know is, we're a collective Cosmic orchestra.  When we die, the music doesn't stop.  Nor does our individual song.  It just shifts to a higher octave, where only dogs can hear.


PattiMac said...

So inJoyed this post!! Love to you!

bruce said...

Thank you so much for sharing the celebrations of life and transitioning with us!!!

I have been subscribed and followed you since 4/2008 amd this is the first time I have commented!!

I have appreciated all that you have shared and continue to share!! This particular sharing reached such depths on many inspiring levels!!!!

I hope that I have said what intended to say as I had several mini-strokes in 2011 with a need for a carotid endarterectomy and sometimes the words don't come out as they should!!! But know other than that I am fine and wish you much marvelous happiness!!!!