Friday, April 26, 2013

How To Win Lotto

©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

Today I was talking with someone who wants to win the lotto.  I mean, don't we all.

But I was seeing that winning the lotto would only happen if it aligned with the expansion the Universe (and their Spiritual Self) intended.

Buying a lotto ticket is a waste of money if it's done out of fear of change, or to avoid stepping up to the plate and creating in a bigger way.

To actually win the lottery is a HUGE shock to your system.  It brings up all your issues with money, shatters all your limitations.  It expands you so quickly, your aura gets stretch marks!

Rather than having less responsibility, you suddenly have tons more.

Statistically, five years after winning lotto, the bigger the winnings, the more likely you are to go bankrupt.  Why is that?

Because you haven't raised your vibration to match your jackpot.  You're still operating through your old perceptions.

We "go bankrupt" in lots of ways, whenever we manifest something we think we've desired.  We finally find our 'soul mate' and end up fighting like cats and dogs.  We land our dream job and it becomes a nightmare.

Instead of going forward and embracing the new reality, we try to drag it back into our familiar but dysfunctional patterns.

Winning the lottery, falling in love, and getting the position of a lifetime, are all equally uncomfortable. It's disorienting to have good things happen to you.  It changes your identity.

What we're all really seeking, when we wish for money or love, is the feeling of freedom, of lightness, of joy.  Funnily enough, that's exactly who We essentially are.

As Essence, we're limitless.  As Spirit, we are Light.  At our core, we are Pure Joy.

How do you win lotto?  By being your True Self.

There's nothing you have to do, but here's a couple techniques for manifesting anyway.

Technique 1:  Take a moment to close your eyes and turn within.  In your minds eye, imagine yourself as you currently are, in your present state of not having whatever it is you desire.   Next to your current self, imagine yourself with whatever it is you want.  What do you look like, when you've successfully achieved it?

Then, bring the two images together, and release everything from your current self keeping you from matching the desired self.  You don't have to know what that is, just let it be energy flowing away.

Technique 2:  Stand and feel your feet on the ground.  Feel the space out in front of you.  There are doors to infinite Parallel Universes.  Most likely the one directly in front of you feels the most dense, as it represents the limiting reality you're presently experiencing.  Then again, it might feel open and clear, as it could be the reality you're intending on creating.

Feel for a space that is bright, clear, open, and step into it.  You've just shifted your reality.  It may be subtle but profound.  Give yourself a few moments to notice the difference.  Colors may seem different, your body may tingle or you may feel a little off balance.  Or nothing at all, it may take time for the changes to show up.

I've had clients who have done either of these techniques only once, and experienced quantum leaps in their lives.  I've had others who choose to repeat one or both of these techniques, and gradually found themselves in a new space.  It's best not to compulsively do them over and over again, as you could be spinning your wheels in effort.  Instead, be playful.

Try either or both of these out over the next week and see what happens!

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