Friday, April 19, 2013

Borrowed Reality

©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

I was driving other day and passed a sign which, out of the corner of my eye, looked like it said, "Borrowed Reality".  It turned out to be some Real Estate Company (Bsomething Realty).  But the phrase stuck in my head.

It sounds like a nifty Matrix technique (more on that later), but also something we struggle with all the time, too.  How often do we borrow another reality, and it doesn't fit?

We borrow reality when we're young, feeling we don't have the life experience to be taken seriously.  We borrow reality when we are hired by a new employer.  We borrow reality when we get married.  After a while, we've borrowed reality so often, or borrowed so many realities, we don't know what ours feels like.

We expect to feel uncomfortable when we go to work.  Work is supposed to be hard, earning money requires effort.  It's not work if we're not tired at the end of the day.  We get married, we want their family to like us.

Heaven forbid we don't confirm to what everyone else thinks reality is - we wouldn't have any friends!

So, that kind of borrowed reality isn't a nifty technique.  It's just sucky, everyday, dysfunctional codependence. It's why we're secretly thrilled yet overtly terrified to get laid off.  It's why we end up getting divorced.  It's why, when we're unemployed, single or ill, friends desert us.

If you resemble these remarks, you need to return what you've borrowed and step back into your own reality!  It's fairly simple to do.  Imagine a door to *your* reality in front of you.  Step through it, leaving all borrowed realities behind.  Take a deep breath and notice what is different.  Allow it to be.

This simple technique can completely change your life experience!  When you're in your own reality, you feel at home, you feel comfortable.  You feel aligned with your Essence, your highest Self.

As I write this, I wonder whether I should mentioned the other aspects of borrowed reality, since being in your own is so powerful.   There actually are some variances that support and enhance your own.

When I'm doing a Matrix session, I'll often notice someone else, sometimes another Matrix worker, but sometimes not, will energetically pop in.  I consider them 'referrals', that their knowledge is beneficial to the session.  So you can 'borrow' information in this way.

However, you can also access information of your own, which can be even more potent.  If you're going through a difficult situation, you can imagine connecting with your future self, that has already been through it.  (Now I'm in my 50's, I notice my past selves connecting to me all the time, as I reached out *a lot* in my late 30's and during my 40's).

We have limitless selves in multiverses, so somewhere there's a You that knows whatever you need to know.  There's a You that is financially successful, a You that attracted a stable relationship, a You that knows the right decision to make, etc.  You can energetically two-point to them (you are the first point, they are the second, and when you let it go, you've got it).

It's not really borrowing reality, you're not giving it back, it's Yours in that it belongs to your Expanded Self that encompasses everything.

So it's kind of comforting to know that You have all these resources from which to draw upon!  Rather than borrowing reality, claim your own.

Try any of these throughout the week and notice how quickly you get back on track!

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