Friday, May 10, 2013

Money and yoU

I've been looking at what money is and where it comes from.  People who earn minimum wage expel a lot more effort than a billionaire.  It's not that one works more than the other, it's that they work differently.  Billionaires exist in a realm of rarefied air.  Minimum wagers slog in the mud. 

Abundance is energy.  Money is a physical manifestation of energy.  Your wealth is a reflection of your concepts about money. 

Where does money come from?  How do we make money? We can go out and get a job, work x number of hours hours a week, and receive a paycheck from our employer at the end of it.  We can create our own business, work x number hours a week, and get paid directly from clients or customers or patients.  

In some ways, those are the same equation.  We do something for someone else and money comes directly from our efforts. 

Money is integral to our survival.  What do we need to survive and where do we get our support for living? We need air to breathe  and food to eat.  

On the food level, you can get it from the grocery store, a restaurant, or grow your own.  Food is produced by your effort, shopping and cooking, reading a menu and ordering, or planting and harvesting. 

When you're focused only on the production of money, you're looking at the effort it takes to make it and the physical places it comes from.  It's like growing plants in earth and watering them, but forgetting the importance of air. 

Air is a wonderful metaphor because it seems outside of our control, and it also seems effortless and limitless.  It's there, all the time. We don't think about breathing, it's just there. It's the invisible part of what we need to survive.

In making a living, the invisible part is energy.  There are a lot of aspects to energy but for this post (because now we realize there's going to be a Part II, for next week) we're going to focus on yoU… or You.

You are energy, your body is the portal for You as Essence to manifest in this physical world.   Actually, *everything* is energy, the physical realm just vibrates so densely that it feels solid.  Your body is an energy generating machine.  It can generate effort, trying really hard to accomplish something.  It can generate resistance, trying really  hard to avoid something.  

Your body also generates emotions, frustration as a result of 'spinning one's wheels in effort', competition for survival (there's not enough to go around), and fear of dying (because if you don't have money, you can't eat, body's going to die).

Well, that's no fun.

Back to You.  You are Essence energy, what you bring in through the body is Light.  You are brightness incarnate.  The kind of feelings you bring in are lighthearted amusing, laughter, love.  As Essence, you create from effortlessness.  As Essence, you are expansive, there's enough for everyone (because as Essence we *are* all One).  As Essence we're immortal.  It's a lot easier to be playful if there's no death.

You can change your experience with money, wealth, and abundance effortlessly, by starting with energy first.

I'm going to offer you an upgraded version of a technique I've taught for years.  The original was inspired by Abraham Hicks'   saying that abundance is all around us, like Niagara Falls, and most people are standing around with teaspoons.

So the original technique was to imagine Niagara Falls flowing into the top of your head, down through your body pooled beneath your feet, and throughout your aura.  The pooled beneath your feet part was important because some people manifested money coming into their lives and flowing right out again!

It's still an effective technique, it can wash away any resistance and raise your vibratory level so you can bring more prosperity into your life.

However, there's something very dense about the water energy of Niagara Falls.  And something limiting, as well.

Because sometimes Niagara Falls has stopped flowing.  It's actually frozen solid during some harsh winters.  

And it's even been dammed up for repairs.

The force of Niagara Falls erodes the rock face by something like 30 feet a year.

So it feels a little intense for the body.  It may boost your income to a certain extent, but may be challenging in the long run.

So, instead, imagine the ionized air it produces.  As if you were standing by the Falls, breathe it in, fill your lungs with it.  Imagine this kind of super charged oxygen flowing in through the top of your head, down through your whole body and aura.  It is light and effervescent.

You are breathing in "rarefied air".   Try this whenever you think of it, day or night, for the next 7 days.  And see what happens!   

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