Friday, May 17, 2013

New Millenium Money (Money & U part 2)

Last week I mused mystically about money, talking about the unseen aspect of creating prosperity.  I mentioned a technique for bringing abundance into form using the image of water as creative manifestation energy.  

I didn't forget sunlight, which is as another unseen energy of abundance but it started straying into another topic.  What is Source?  Is it God?  So many names for it, Good Orderly Direction, Universe, Heavenly Father. 

A couple weeks ago when I first started writing this, I heard "Consciousness is the Intersection between U(inverse) and I(AM)" "It's collaborative, it's the intersection between U and I, it's self and Self, it only feels separate when you're operating on one side of the fence."

Manifestation is different nowadays, in this new millennium.  We are at a new stage in our Conscious evolution - we are embodying more of our Source energy than ever before.  We are operating at a higher vibration.  We are bringing more of our higher Selves into our physical form.  

That means, God is within, which means greater power and we are more responsible, more accountable for our actions.  This is reflected in people's growing concern about Climate Change, or another way to look at it, feeling responsible for the well being of our manifestation of the planet.  

It also means that each individual has more power to influence the whole.  Look at Twitter and it's affect around the world.  Arab Spring was fueled by Twitter, people able to communicate in otherwise heavily censored countries.  People like stay at home mom Kelly Oxford suddenly becoming famous because of her wise cracking tweets - she's on all the nighttime talk shows and has a bestselling book.

Creating into form doesn't happen the old fashioned way any more.  It doesn't take years of effort.  It doesn't show up as a result of your hard work.  It can happen instantaneously due to your intention and focus.

Where does this energy come from?  It's not from below your feet, above your head, it's from outside the hologram and comes into your cells spontaneously.  

It is Love but bigger then you can imagine.  You can fall into it not losing the self, but being Self more.  

Here are three different energy techniques for achieving abundance energetically-

For the first one, sit quietly and feel your feet on the ground.  Imagine the sun above you, and it's golden warmth flow into your head, through your body, through your energy system, and down into the Earth.  Experience this gold energy clearing any smudgyness from your, leaving your aura squeaky clean.  Gold is the energy level of evolving Consciousness.  It helps bring You more into you, so you can channel prosperity into your reality.

The second one, turn within, sit quietly and tune into all your cells.  Then tune into your molecules.  Then atoms.  Then the space between your atoms.  Infinite space.  Space where thought originates, comes into form.  Imagine retrieving a thought, a desire, a fledgling manifestation from this space and call it into being.  Breathe and feel the adjustment in your reality.

Both of these techniques work better when you're playful.  Try either or both of these throughout the week, and see what shows up!

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