Friday, June 7, 2013

Creativity and Limitation

©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

We exist in an ocean of Unlimited Creativity.  Creativity is all around us.

At our Essence, we *are* creativity. Artists love swimming in the sea that is our Source, our home. It is our birthright to bring this energy into Form. It's what we are here for.

And here's the sticking point - bringing it into the physical realm. Argh! We hate limitations! We resist restrictions. We *love* freedom! We ecstatically roll around in the field of desire.

Which is why many great masterpieces never get produced.

It's one thing to walk around with a head full of ideas, it's quite another to make them into a solid form (and this includes music, as music is a translation of your higher vibratory idea into denser waves via an instrument of some kind).

How do we make things happen?

We operate within structures of time and physical space.  [nooooo! our inner child writhes on the imaginary floor, face turning blue]

Time is an important component of manifestation.  When you create a time limit, it actually opens the door for creative energy to pour in.  It allows more to happen.

When scheduling a session, an intention is created for a beginning, middle and end to occur within the parameters of whatever time limit is named.  It is amazing how much can get done in 15, 30, 60 minutes!

Getting Unstuck

A great decluttering technique is to use an egg timer.  Set it to 15 minutes and start sorting (& tossing) and the next thing you know, the piles are gone!

Usually by the end of 15 minutes you feel like continuing.  If not, move on to something else (or somewhere else, because there is always another area to work on)!

You can do the same with breaking through writers' block.  Set the timer and start writing - write anything without concern for grammar, punctuation, topic, etc.

The most productive authors have a schedule and stick to it.

Vagueness - the killer of Creativity (and Abundance)

I recently heard someone describe themselves as a 'Time Drunk'.  They had spent an entire day doing nothing - or at least by the end of the day had no idea what they'd done.  "I was like an alcoholic in a blackout," they said.

People who under earn waste time. They fritter it away researching their (unwritten) novel when they should be working (or looking for a job).

People who overspend never track their expenditures.  Money flows through their fingers like water.

Gremlin Perfectionists

It's interesting to note that the sloppiest people are actually perfectionists (and highly creative).  They are thwarted by the mere idea of how perfect their environment or creation *should* look, and then never get anything done.

Decluttering maven, Marla Cilley advocates starting with one area - your kitchen sink.  Every night, take 15 minutes to make sure your kitchen sink is sparkling clean.  It gives you a tiny sense of order amidst the chaos.  From that simple first step, the rest of your house - and your life - starts to fall into place.

Our inner critic, aka Gremlin, stifles our creativity by attacking our ideas before they even come out.  It's also a character assassin. Who are we to paint that picture, sing that song, write that play?  In some weird, twisted way it's trying to protect us (from the big, bad world) but in reality it's our greatest threat.

Overcoming Resistance

Our inner artist is also a rebel.  In order to bring in something new and different, you have to step outside of convention. It resists structure, it resists being told what to do.  Ironically, this artist is also a control freak.  It wants to be in charge of everything so much, it doesn't let anything happen at all.

Resistance is what makes us space out when we need to be adhering to a deadline.  Resistance is what keeps us from putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).  We make up self-righteous excuses for why we haven't accomplished anything.  We even create ailments to keep ourselves from bringing through our magnificence.

We are Omnipotent

We are.  You are.  We all are - absolutely magnificent, omniscient Beings.  We are meant to create.  It is our purpose to bring energy into form.  Our creativity is our spiritual language.  We are meant to share it, to birth it into the world.

You *have* to express yourSelf.  Your energy is an important voice in the choir of Consciousness.  Your song must be heard.  If you hold it back, it manifests as illness and depression.  It clogs arteries and causes cellulite.

Your energy is very, very big.  Your body (in comparison) is very, very small.  Whatever you bring through many seem inconsequential at first (especially according to your inner critic).  Whatever you start doing won't be good enough.  Progress, not perfection, is the goal.

How To Manifest

Nike was right (which is why the people in their advertising company that came up with the slogan are probably very, very rich).  "Just Do It".

Just get it done.  Just start doing it.  Sometimes the car needs to be push started (for those of you who grew up with automatics, it's how you get a manual transmission vehicle to start when it's dead).

It's counterintuitive, especially to those with spiritual training.  We 'experts' know that effort kills creativity.  But effort is the energy exerted to get our butts out of bed.  A bit of effort gets things started.

The funny thing is, our bodies actually like a schedule.  They're happier when they're operating within a structure (our ego, our inner Napoleon, just doesn't know that).

It's up to Us, the greater aspect of ourselves, to be the Parent, and nudge us into getting started.

Begin It Now

Mountain climber and writer William Hutchinson Murray talked about commitment as the first step in climbing Everest.  Set the intention and take the first step.  You don't even have to know *how* you're going to get it completed, you just have to start.

Setting the intention is like putting your key in the ignition.  Starting your creation is as simple as turning the key.

Energy can't be seen until it flows through channels.  No one can know your magnificence if you stay quiet.

Money and Action

Money is the physical appearance of abundance, and is the result of some form of action.  It's not always the direct result of what you do - but is the result of doing *something*.  Taking action shows the Universe you are ready to receive.  Walking towards it, Consciousness races to support you.

Mind you, spinning your wheels is not action, it's resistance.  Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is insanity.  Sending out three resumes a week does not get you a job (although it gets you an unemployment check).  In those cases, doing something different gets you unstuck.  Stepping outside your comfort zone yields reward.

This week, take a risk.  It may just be sitting down, turning off the internet and facing a blank Text screen.  It may be picking up your cellphone and making a call.  It may be setting the timer and digging into the piles in your bedroom.

Take some sort of action each day for 7 days (it can be different actions, or the same action) and see what happens!

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