Friday, June 14, 2013

Ready? Set. Go!!

©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

Here in the Pacific Northwest it rains all the time.  If you waited for it to stop raining, you'd never go out.  The rain isn't too bad, most of the time.  It sprinkles.  It showers. It spits.  The only people who use umbrellas are from some place else.

The weather also fluctuates wildly from morning until night.  It may be 45 and bone chilling in the morning, 70 and short sleeves at 5pm.  And in the Seattle area "Puget Sound Convergence Zone", it can be snowing in one part of town and sunny in the next.  Weathermen *love* to work here, they flock from places like Southern California, because our climate is so exciting.

You can't sit at home waiting for the perfect conditions.  You just have to pile on layers, stick sunglasses in your pocket, and head out.

It's the same with manifesting in physical form.  Your heart's desire may seem too big, too unattainable, too far out there.  You may not feel ready yet.  You might be scared.  You want your beloved to come and find you, hiding out in your apartment.  You want the executive headhunters to call you up out of the blue and give you that dream job.

The Publisher's Clearing House van could be parked in your driveway but if you don't go to your fron t door,  how are you going to know?

You don't have to be perfect to get started.  You just have to take the first step.  You can even make things up as you go along.

Mixing my metaphors here - Life is a vast country of experiences.  Your life is your personal road trip.  You can choose public transportation, which takes a really long time and stops at places you don't want to go, or you can decide on the destination, have an idea of the route, and start driving.

You'll be ready when you get there.  Or shortly after you get there.  Or some time while you're there.  That's what life is about.  Here's the cliche - live is living, not the destination.  And even at the destination, things keep moving.  So you might as well enjoy the ride.

I could stop there but here's where we take it up a notch.  We are collectively in a HUGE growth space.  We expected things to happen in 2012 (and they did).  We expected the planet to blow up, or for us to collectively attain Nirvana (I kinda hoped to, but it was an election year and my mother was dying).

What happened?  Consciousness shifted into a whole new level of awareness.  A whole new phase of maturity.  Not all of us got the memo (Cough-Congress-Cough, Cough)!  Some of us are still sitting in the stands with our beer and hot dog, while the 'Wave' is going by (American sports metaphor, another mixing).

Whether you're standing, or sitting, or being drenched, or tanning, change has happened, is happening, and we're in the new place.

We're all in a new grade in school, we've all moved from secondary school to University.  At Uni, your parents no longer do your laundry (one hopes).  Your homework is your responsibility.  You make your own breakfast and lunch.

God isn't saving you,  God isn't punishing you, God's not your parent, nor some bearded dude in the sky.

I talk about you as Essence, another language to use is that you are Spirit, or you are Divine.  And this Consciousness Shift is You - coming into physical form more.  You embodying you more.  More of Your Divine energy is vibrating in/through your body.

It *doesn't* mean we get to run around acting like little Napoleons.  We don't get to yell or treat each other badly because We are Consciousness and this is all an illusion.  Why would you crap on your illusion,  for Pete's sake?

What it does mean is that we'd better start acting like we're Divine (drag queens and Bette Midler start dancing out of closet).  We need to start acting as our Essential Selves.

That means stepping forward, taking action, with Consciousness.  As Divinity.  With authority.  Responding to events rather than reacting.  Being bigger than our problems.  Being greater than our story.  Owning our Magnificence.

Don't worry if you don't feel ready.  You will be ready.  Start from wherever you are, move forward imperfectly.  Progress not perfection.  Principles above personalities (even your own personality).

Go!! Set. Ready?  Should have been the title of this post.

If you've been putting off focusing on your personal growth because you haven't felt ready, now's the perfect time to do it anyway.  If you'd like some support, check out my new Transformation program on my new website.

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