Friday, June 28, 2013

Do Dead People Have Jobs?

©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

Just got off the phone with my cousin in Maryland.  She's an art teacher, so very creative, and living solidly in the 'real world'.  It's always so interesting to chat with her, she asks great questions, which surprise me, because I forget what it's like not to be acutely aware of the unseen.

Her mother died last September and mine in January, so the conversation naturally winds up talking about them.  She asked if I missed my mother and I said it's a funny thing, because when I do, it's usually because she's around.  I said it must be frustrating for dead people because when they show up to visit, people start crying!

Also, my mother's energy feels so very clear.  It's her Presence, which was so very lovely, not the Alzheimer's who stubbornly wouldn't come out of the bathroom!

My cousin's mother had been a difficult personality, and yet she's able to recall the sweet moments with her.  I think that's her mother's Essence, which had been hard to detect when she was alive.  Our personal histories shape us and can distort the transmission of our True Selves.

When bodies die, that aspect of character goes too, and what remains is our Consciousness.

Then my cousin surprised me by asking if we have jobs in the afterlife.  "Jobs" is such a limiting concept.  I think it's more that we have purpose.  I've read people who've lost children, and their beings show up as healers or angels in the family dynamics.  We're pure energy, so without a body it's more like we emit our purpose.

So it's possible to come back as a guardian angel?  She asked.

To me, the idea of 'coming back' is a funny one, as they've not gone anywhere.  Imagine that we're all driving around in Smart Cars, and we have the agreement to only see other people in Smart Cars.  Then one of us dies and steps out of their car.  They haven't gone anywhere, but no one is acknowledging them!*

They may seem to come and go, but it's more like coming in and out of focus.  When my friend died in 2003, I became aware at first they were having difficulty seeing.  I thought it was because they'd needed glasses.  But their body was gone, the eyes were gone, it was that they were having difficulty adjusting to seeing pure energy. If you close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere, if you don't intellectually visualize, you'll sense the energy of the place.  Although it's actually 1000x brighter and more pixelated.  

I explained to my cousin that when we die, it's like diving into pure, positive energy.  It's light, it's freeing, we're everything and everywhere at once.  It's the exact opposite of how we see things.

Being in the physical world is like deep sea diving.  We're lumbering through density, it feels like water.  Our vision is distorted by the helmet.  The world is darker, the lighting is dim.  

When we pass, it's like being plucked out of the water into pure oxygen.  Imagine taking a breath of fresh air!

Then my cousin wondered if we keep learning after death.  Again, a limiting concept, a projection from the world of form.  It's our bodies that need to learn and grow.  When we die, we integrate into Infinite Intelligence. 

Actually, there is always an aspect of Us that Is Infinite Intelligence, we never leave from one place and go into the other.  Just a portion of ourselves squeezes into form, and then pops out when we're done with this lifetime.  There's an aspect of you that is always connected.  Always connected with those you've loved who have passed.  Alway connected with your Infinite Wisdom.

It simply takes a shift of perspective.  Instead of viewing things from within the 'deep sea diver's suit' of physical form, allow yourself to view things as Spirit, as Essence.  It's immediate expansion.

*I'm being reminded my both my mother & my cousin's, that dead people loved to be communicated with.  No body talks to them any more, is a common complaint.  It's very simple to do - just start talking.  Be aware for a response.  It most likely won't come in words, but in impressions.  Sometimes symbolic synchronicities will show up.

Imagine if we all really understood what it was like to be dead.  We'd rejoice for the person who passed.  We'd have parties.  We wouldn't commit mass suicide, because we'd enjoy still being here.  We'd savor the experience of physical form.  And we wouldn't miss our loved ones, because they're, in a way, even more a part of us.

So this week, whenever you think of someone who's died, say 'hello' and have a little visit.  It'll make them very, very pleased.

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