Thursday, June 20, 2013

6 Important Things To Remember

Partnership with Nature ©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

Many years ago I started aligning my personal growth with Nature's cycles.  I got the idea from Machaelle Small Wright.  I love work with Perelandra.  You can read her updated explanation on the Soltice and Equinox cycles here

This is what she has to say about the Summer Solstice:
 At the summer solstice we have a garden that is fully realized. It is growing, producing and demonstrating its strength. It needs all the life vitality it can get and the greatest amount of life vitality is released to it at the summer solstice... 
...For the Summer Solstice, think about the fully realized garden that is now moving through its final stage. It is the coming together of the plan and design (devic) with the matter, means and action (nature spirit). And it is the full reflection of the Pan function and your co-creative partnership. Surely this day calls for chocolate! 

When I returned to the Northwest I became very clear I was to partner with Nature again, but I was operating at a very high and even discordant level.  It's taken several months to even begin to feel integrated here.

So last night, at the Solstice, I went into meditation and asked Nature, "What does partnership with nature look like?"  (Meaning, what does *my* partnering with Nature look like)

Here's what Nature said:

It looks like soul within body, solar plexus vortex, white centered energy.
It's bringing your Self into body, body is nature
Embodying yourself is partnershipping with Us
We are Nature that is we are physical form of all things, most acknowledged are plants and animals and rocks and oceans but inanimate objects are physical as well.  Nature is physical realm, the manifestation of the denser vibration of source intentions.
Your body is Nature, You are not.  You are the lightest brightest highest most diffuse source intention squeezing into form as you say

Partner with yourself, [=body] that is partnering with us
[At this point I wondered how this would translate with my work]
We will help you get out there.
What people most need reassurance and understanding is form and non form.  They need reminder they are not form, they need help squeezing into form.  There are so many words that are de rigueur (? I had no idea what this word meant and even spelled it wrong, but Google'd it and it works here) nowadays and yet no understanding of how to bring that in.
[Here I wondered how focusing so narrowly would affect my income]
Bring it into the world and it will be bigger than you.
Go back to your "ABCs" and that will be enormous.
Mastery over form, excellent righter, supreme navigator, explorer within.
We will help you, remain alert over the next few days, clues will flow.  Continue to have staff meetings [I have "staff meetings" with the Devas of my various business foci] but start listening for a change.  We will help you move on and forward and up and it will be complete and it will be well.

What the heck does all this mean?  Well, the biggest thing I got out of this, is the reminder that our physical body is Nature, just like plants and animals.  Our bodies are of this realm, of this planet, are Density and Effort.  And we are not.  

And it sounds like everyone needs that reminder.  We've become spiritually more mature, Consciousness has moved to a higher, more integrated level of awareness.  And our bodies still are just a notch above Cro-Magnon.  

Fits perfectly with Life Transformations.  Helping people transform their life, helping people integrate their Magnificence into form.  You can't move forward without bringing your body along.

Yet it's not the old grounding and centering meditation as before.  It's upgraded techniques.

How does this apply to you?  Well, muse on this, this week, as we tip over the moment of the Solstice, head into the Full Moon, and enter into Mercury Retrograde (oh, what fun):  

1.  Your body is physical.  Your body is nature.  Your body is part of the planet.

2.  You are not.  You are Essence.  You are part of Consciousness.

3.  When you feel density,  dense emotions, dense sensations, that is your body's experience.

4.  When you feel light, joyous emotions, high vibrations, that is Your experience.

5.  Don't take your body too seriously, but don't neglect it either (it will only yell louder).

6.  Steer towards the light.  Go for what feels clear and expansive.

Have a great week, I'll "see" you next Friday!

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