Friday, July 19, 2013

How To Stay Sane in A Crazy-Ass World

©2013  Joan M. Newcomb

We're getting to the end of another Mercury Retrograde period, but challenges still abound.  Across the US laws are being enacted to severely limit women's rights over their own bodies, in the courts murderers are going free while victims are going to jail! Several people I know are facing severe health problems, and several more have had loved ones die!  Here are some suggestions I have for maintaining your sanity amidst the insanity going on in the world.

Don't react dramatically even if things seem dramatic!
The media works hard to make news entertaining.  However, we can make things worse in our own heads by spinning stressful stories about what's happening.  Often, the more dramatic something appears, the less real or true it is.

Nothing has to be responded to right away!
Unless you've veered into oncoming traffic, most problems can wait 24 hours before taking any action.  This gives you time to think, reflect, and step back from any emotionalism.  The bigger the problem, the more research required for a solution.

Someone else's problem?  You didn't cause it, can't "cure" it, but can contribute to it.
If you have a problem, you inherently have the resources to resolve it.  And so does everyone else. You can go crazy taking on other people's issues.  Letting them solve their own problems validates their capability, and gives you space to handle your own stuff.   Sometimes you're contributing to their problem by enabling them.  Sometimes the best contribution is to let them handle it themselves.  Keep the focus on yourself.

Reasons versus Excuses
Figuring out the reason you're doing or not doing something gives you clarity, so you can take action. Excuses are what you make to o continue doing or not doing something to stay stuck.

Compartmentalize It
I read this recently as advice for moving forward through grief.  It's actually a great technique for coping when things get too overwhelming.  Break down all that's going on and just deal with one section at a time.  So your pet died, your partner left, your job made you redundant, you just want to implode!  You can't handle everything at once.  Take it one day at a time, one moment at a time.  Do the next indicated thing.

It's an Event not a Crisis!
This goes back to not reacting dramatically to something, even if it seems dramatic.  Don't create a crisis when there isn't one (although don't under react by not doing anything when there IS one)!  Sometimes the best way to get through a stressful situation is to reframe it in our heads, tell a different story about it.  This isn't a crisis, it's an event.  This may seem like a tragedy, but it's really a comedy.   This is different than being in denial about a problem, it's acknowledging it and then being bigger than the story about it.

Breakdown Breakthrough Breaking Open
Life is a neverending Spiritual Remodeling project.  We are constantly expanding.  We just forget that we asked for it.  And then we wonder why we're dealing with sheet rock dust and unruly contractors!  We outgrow our old lives, our old selves, and so circumstances, relationships, or belief systems start to break down.  In reality, we are growing into a new space.

Rather than hunkering down against the onslaught, imagine opening up to something bigger and better.  It's not breaking down, but breaking through and breaking open into new possibilities!

Asking and Receiving Help
So many times we ask for help and then close ourselves off from receiving it.  Let people help you!

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