Friday, July 12, 2013

Truth *and* Consequences

©2013 Joan Newcomb

This morning I had a reminder:  You can't help someone if they don't want your help.

It's been challenging, because my empathic abilities have been amped up recently, so I'm feeling the emotional realities all the people I know who are in crises of one sort or another.
Oscar Winning Performance!

But I can't help them quit smoking, or de-stress, or stop being codependent or whatever.  Most people need to learn from their own mistakes.  The best I can do is step out of the way to let them have the consequences of their actions.

Some loved ones create painful realities that you wish you could rescue them from.  That's invalidating to the Being who created it.

Everyone is an Infinite Being having a human experience.  Therefore, *everyone* is capable, and magnificent, and already knows everything they need to know.  They are creating their reality, down to the smallest detail.  Even your involvement in their storyline.

So the person with health problems who persists in smoking is an extremely capable being.  They are creating the storyline exactly the way They want to.

On a Being level, they are delighting in their creation.  It's like a screenwriter chortling with glee over his keyboard, as he comes up with a new plot twist for his script.  They're not a drug addict or cancer victim, they're an actor going for an Oscar winning performance.

You can't take that away from them, but you can admire them for their creativity.  You can trust they'll figure it out in the end.  The end may not be the way you would have written it, but yoau aren't their screenwriter.

That doesn't mean abandoning your loved ones.  You can write people in (& out) of your storyline.  You can't go barging onto their soundstage without their having written you into the scene.

Often people do much better when you leave them alone.  Leaving others to their own consequences is a great opportunity to bring your focus back on yourself, and bring your energy back into your own creations. You are Infinite and Capable and writing Your own life.  

Imagine how different your life would be with 100% of your energy and attention flowing into it.  In fact, that's all you have to do to get started, is imagine withdrawing your energy from all the people and places out there, and bring it back into your own 'energy pool'.

Try that, whenever you think of it, over the next 7 days and see what happens!

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