Friday, August 16, 2013

Quantum Leaps From Wifi

©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

According to a recent study if we tried to create a Star Trek kind of transporter with our present technology, it would take us 350,000 times 14 billion years to transfer all the data in the human brain.  "It would be faster walking."
Credit: Paramont Pictures

That doesn't mean it's not going to happen in the next decade or so.  It just means that the scientists conducting the study were operating with only the information they had physically present at the time.  New ideas sometimes come out of old ones, old technology is often the building block for the next great invention.

However, sometimes new things come entirely from someone's imagination.  It manifests because someone made it up.

The original Star Trek Enterprise had sliding doors.  We watch reruns now and think nothing of it.  However, sliding doors hadn't been invented in 1966.  There were two props people off camera, opening and closing those doors when the actors walked through them.

We achieved amazing feats with limited technology at the end of the 1960's. The computer that guided the first Apollo mission to the moon had 64 of memory.  NASA's computers back then were "no more powerful than a pocket calculator".

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century [1939]
If, in the 1930's, you did a study on going to the moon they probably would have said it would take us several hundred years to get there.

Perhaps the ideas for space travel (and Star Trek) were generated by Buck Rogers.

The other day, I began using my parallel universe-door opening technique as I walked my dog.  The idea is to step through a series of opening doors, kind of like the beginning of "Get Smart".  Each steps takes you forward into a new universe of possibilities.

However, this time I felt energy piling up behind me.  So I decided to step through revolving doors.  I felt the sense of a door that circled around from left to right, clearing behind me as I moved forward.

As I walked with this revolving door, I became aware of a parallel door, revolving in the opposite direction, from right to left.  It was an amazing sensation, these two doors moving at once, and maybe it wasn't just two doors, it was two, multi-dimensional spirals of energies.

This is what happens when you play in the matrix, on a quantum level.  Things occur that you did not consciously create, that you cannot explain, that are beyond your imagination.

All I know is that the experience propelled me beyond the patterns I've been enmeshed in.  Set ways of operating, of viewing the world, shifted, even disappeared.

I invite you to play with these techniques this week.  Start with the opening and closing door sequence (view the beginning of Get Smart here).  Try the revolving door when you feel like it.  Don't think too hard about it, or you'll go into effort and stop your creativity.  Allow the second revolving door to happen if it happens.

You can set an intention for change while doing this, and you don't have to.  Try this for the next 7 days and see what transforms in your life!

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