Friday, August 23, 2013

Self Commitment

©2013 Joan Newcomb

Commitment is such a heavy word.  It's used for such negative things.  You get committed to a state mental hospital.

Commitment implies a life sentence.  It feels like, if you commit to something, you can't make any changes.  You are locked into this one job, this one relationship, this one direction or way of doing things, FOREVER.

It's either frightening, or boring, when viewed through those lenses.  It feels like a ball and chain, or a closed door.  But that's only when you commit to something outside yourself, to something you don't own or choose to create.

In reality, commitment is freeing.  It opens doors of possibilities.  It attracts support, both seen and unseen.

When you are fully committed to *Yourself* and your personal growth, it's empowering.  You take your focus off of time wasters and bring your energy into your own space.
Being committed to your Self doesn't exclude others.  It makes you more available to others.  You have more energy to give, when you're standing in your own space, operating from your own Source.

If you're committed to pleasing your boss, you're not owning your job as a creative outlet of your Self's energy into this world.  When you commit to your Self in your work, you'll instantly get a raise, receive more business, experience monetary "expressions of appreciations".

If you're not committed in your relationship, your energy is scattered, and you're not showing up fully as a partner.  As soon as you focus on being in the relationship and fully present to your partner, a lot of the things you may have been avoiding or running away from disappear or become a non-issue.

Commitment doesn't lock out other avenues of exploration.  Commitment moves you forward. It means you have your hands on the steering wheel of your life so you're better able to direct where you are going.

This week, take baby steps in commitment.  Notice when you are distracted, where you are looking outside yourself.  Making mini-commitments to yourSelf throughout the next 7 days will result in one giant leap forward by next weekend!

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