Friday, November 22, 2013

Creating Illness For Growth

Creating Illness For Growth ©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

When our bodies get ill, it's usually an adjustment to a spiritual expansion.  Our Essence is vibrating at a higher rate and our physical form is trying to catch up.  We're cleaning out old patterns, condensed energy that no longer serves us, allowing for a more open flow.

When you live in an earthquake zone, you notice there aren't that many brick houses.  Wood expands and contracts, and can give when the earth is jolting.  The mortar holding brick together dissolves.

When you're going through a mild expansion, you may catch a cold, or feel like you've the stomach flu.  If you're trying to dislodge long standing patterns, you may develop a more serious disease.

When we go through a life threatening illness, we emerge on the other side with greater emotional depth and awareness.  We have a heightened appreciation for life, and for those we share it with.

Sometimes the illness serves to unravel patterns, to assist us with completions, because we're on the way out.

When you're in communication with your body, and in agreement with the growth period, your experience of illness is less difficult.  Your body may feel uncomfortable or in pain, but it doesn't bother you as much.  You may actually experience euphoria, as you allow a greater amount of your Essence into your space.

If you're in resistance with what is, or in effort trying to make it better, you can prolong your misery.

All illness is temporary.  It's a transition to a new state of being.  You can emerge feeling cleansed and new.  All illness is temporary even if it's terminal.

What's on the other side is light, clear, free, and full of Love.

So whether you're going through a spiritual remodel, or spiritually transitioning to a higher plane, it's an exciting adventure.

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

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