Saturday, November 16, 2013

Spiritual Evolution

©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

This week I recorded my radio show with Adele McDowell, on the topics of Suicide and Reincarnation.  It's a fascinating interview,  I highly recommend checking it out here.

We talked about the higher Consciousness aspect of suicide, versus the society and religious shame that is cast upon it.

Years ago I worked for a Church that was somewhere to the left of Unity.  It was based on first century Christianity, and a blend of Eastern and Western Mysticism.  I went through five years of training and was involved with them for thirteen years.

I remember learning and teaching that each lifetime was like a grade in school; you're accumulating knowledge as you progress.  Suicide was considered dropping out, that you'd have to start over again.

I no longer believe these things.

There is no time or space as Spirit, so outside of this physical body, everything is happening at once.  Spirit is all knowing, there's no going from less aware to more aware - that's a linear concept.   All linear concepts are physically based.  We can't comprehend what it's like to have all lifetimes happening at once.

There's no shame in suicide, there's no starting over.  I've also just realized that there's no exiting early.  On the pre-record (and previously in this blog), I've shared my awareness that this world is like a swimming pool, and when we incarnate physically, it's like our swim time.  I thought of suicide as getting out before swim time is over.

But even that is a linear perception.  There's no early, no late.  You're in the pool, you're out of the pool.  Each lifetime is a blink of an eye, whether you're 3 when you exit or 103.

But my point here is that my belief system has evolved since I was a minister for my former Church.  And one of the challenges for any spiritual organization is allowing for evolution.  Not Creationism vs. Darwinism.  But for a growing Consciousness.

We pass on knowledge through our perceptions and our perception, at any given time, is limited.  Any Spiritual "Truth" we pass on will have a distortion, because it is through our human lens.

I remember learning that the Bible is only 10% accurate because it's been edited and distorted over time.  You have to read it with your intuition to glean the Truth from it.

I used to have a really rigid meditation practice, it did not vary for nearly 25 years.  There were some good things about the structure, but some unsupportive things as well.  It was like dancing, but only using ballet.  You're going to look a little odd walking and maintaining perfect ballet moves.

Ballet is beautiful.  Ballet is great exercise.  And sometimes life requires modern jazz.  And free form.

Notice where your belief systems are no longer supporting your growth.  Maybe it's time to drop scaffolding and reach for the stars.

(Sorry for the mixed metaphors, it's all I got this Friday/Saturday)

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