Friday, December 6, 2013

Your Biggest Block To Prosperity

Your Biggest Block To Prosperity ©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

The other day I chatted with a friend who is struggling with resentments.  She's pissed she has to work when her (much more affluent) friends are retired.  Every suggestion I gave was met with a reason why she feels the way she does.

Finally, I asked her, "What are you investing in?" 

Her thoughts were affecting her finances.  They sucked her energy into a black hole.  They kept her spinning her wheels.

Negative thoughts yield a negative return. They take you down dead end streets.

Resentment digs a hole so deep it's hard to get out on your own.  The hole isolates you from others, keeping you in a rut.

Appreciation builds a foundation to get you out. Appreciation notices the whole structure.  It doesn't point fingers or blame.  It reveals areas for growth.

Resentment notices only the flaws, doesn't illuminate solutions.

You are bigger than your problems. Holding the bigger viewpoint shows you more possibilities, allows you to create different outcomes.

Notice what you say to yourself that fuels your resentment.
"I am alone."
"No one helps me."
"I have no one to take care of me." 
"They are against me."
 Is that true?

Resentments are disempowering, places the focus outside of yourself.  
"I am alone." You could have a spouse or partner and *they* could get sick or die first.  
"No one helps me." Invalidates all the help you ARE receiving (seen and unseen).
How can you take care of yourself?  What systems can you set in place to do that?
No one is truly against you, they are only against their projections.

Prosperity is so much more than finances.  If you focus solely on the money you miss so many more aspects of the foundation.

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