Saturday, December 14, 2013

What is Real, What Lasts

©2013 Joan M. Newcomb

Yesterday was so slam-dunked, this week's Ezine didn't get written.  I'd had a topic or two I'd been musing on all week, but by the time I've gotten around to writing this (2:53am),  the juice was out of them.

Navigating Morphic fields during the holidays - meh.

Parallel Selves - to get everything done you need to this month.  Yeah.

Then I started to feel the 'ripple effects' of an energy session with Janet Barrett so while I felt the patterns dismantling, I sent a Parallel Self out to write this Ezine.  Here's what came back:

A really strong reminder to folks of what is really important, of WHAT IS REAL, the only thing that lasts.

When my mother was dying this time last year, there was a wonderful transformation taking place.  All the previous resistance was gone, and what remained was the soft and loving Presence that I knew her to be.

I think she looked radiantly beautiful in the days before she passed.  Her focus turned inward and she was like a woman in labor, only she was in the process of giving birth to her Self.

Ten years ago, my first love died in an accident.  Nobody knew it at the time, but I felt this pure and intense Love with him after it happened.  It felt like what we are all seeking in relationship, but are unable to have because of all our patterns.

When my first son was born, it was an emergency birth, he and I were airlifted to the hospital, and then separated.  I didn't get to see him until hours later, and when I looked into his eyes, I felt Love for the very first time.

So it's the same coming in as going out.

When I first showed up to take care of my mother, she'd become so settled in her ways, she was cemented in place.  Any attempts at changing things (for the better, I thought) were fought off.  Her bad temper didn't phase me, as it was so unlike the mother I'd grown up with.  The hardest thing, as she grew more ill, was her resistance to affection.  Her Alzheimer's made her physically sensitive, so she didn't like to be touched.  When she grew closer to death, she was able to express her love and appreciation for my caring for her, and I was finally able to hold her or lovingly place my hand on her back.

Ten years ago, I'd reconnected with my first love only two months before his accident.  I realize that the Love I felt with him after he passed would not have been possible if we'd been together, there were too many divergent circumstances.

Before both my sons were born, I felt an amassing of Love.  It's what we really are.  The first one created an emergency situation, and then, as firstborn, got to fully experience both his father and my family dysfunctional programming.  The second came in as everything was breaking down.

Love comes into form, and in form there is density, effort, and resistance.  

We are always seeking this Love, this feeling of connection, but as we go out into this physical world, it's like we're opposing magnets, bouncing away from what we want most.

Love is what we really are, and everything else is just a distortion.

When we come together 'in love', we experience that 'honeymoon phase' where we almost feel that original connection.  But then our patterns emerged and we bump up against them, and it seems like the feeling goes away.

Really, it's still there, it's inside each and every one of us.  It's what is real and true.

And it's what remains after we pass.  Our bodies, our dense vehicles, are gone, and only Love remains.

This of this as you get together with family and friends this holiday season.  When your dad sucker punches you emotionally at the dinner table, when your mom drives you crazy in the kitchen, when your kids are sullen and unresponsive, remember - at their Essence, they are Love.  At Your Essence, YOU are love, and at the essence of every connection, there is love.

Let Love be at the essence of every interaction you have.  Let it be the Intent for all your actions.  There's nothing you have to do, but let it emerge.

Try this, and see how different things are this month!

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