Friday, January 10, 2014

Domino Detox

Domino Detox ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

When I was going through Clairvoyant training in my early 20's, I de-energized a level of family patterns.   I was aware of stepping outside of family dynamics.  It was as if one had removed a tile from a row of dominos.

Over the years, I've encountered deeper levels of patterns to unravel and remove.  Getting married, having kids, getting divorced, being single for some time, getting remarried, kids going to college, leaving home, parents aging and dying, all bring opportunities for continued clearing.

You or your parents getting married introduces you to a whole other family's dynamics as well, which can be very interesting.  Where do you fit within their patterns?  (Where do they fit you)?

Families have different roles.  If someone steps out of their place in the pattern and you're the new in-law, you can get put there (with your conscious or unconscious agreement).

It's most amusing when you're replacing their resident scapegoat or black sheep, or rescuer or saint.  Don't take it personally, it's just their projection.

Such patterns can be hard to detach from, if you're in the midst of them.  If you're intuitive or sensitive, you can feel a little nutty when they're inside your head or in your space.

How can you regain your sense of self at such times?  Take a sanity break.

Sanity breaks can look like - a quick trip to Starbucks, a nap, coffee with friends, a twelve step meeting, a run around the park, an afternoon at the library.  Anything that steps you outside the hologram or soundstage,  gives you a little breathing room.

Patterns can feel so real when you're in the midst of them.  They're in visible, yet tangible.

How do you go back into the environment yet maintain your sense of self?

View everything as if it's a movie (which is it).  Don't react (which is unconscious) but choose your actions.  Be amused.

Be at a higher vibration than your environment.  Imagine yourself in a bubble of gold energy.

Be non-resistant.  Imagine yourself transparent, or wearing an invisibility cloak; negative energy moves through you.

Focus on changing yourself, not others.  Simple energetic shifts can change the atmosphere and everyone in it.

These suggestions work at home *and* at the office (as people bring their family patterns to work with them).  Try any or all of these for a week and see what happens!

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