Friday, January 3, 2014

Growth Spurts

Growth Spurts ©2014 Joan Newcomb

If someone told me this time last year that I would be where I am today, I would have never believed them.  Even six months ago, I would have been astounded.

And yet, at this moment, I can't imagine being anywhere else.  Again I am in a place where it has to be me, it couldn't be anyone else.  No one else knows what I know, could do what I'm doing.  And no one else is who I am.

In order to be here I had to set aside many limiting beliefs.  I have to hold two different truths, simultaneously.  I have to stay sensitive and aware, and non-resistant.  It's both effortless and difficult at the same time.

It's a friggin' growth experience.

Life is a growth experience.  We make a decision as Essence to squeeze into form. Then as we decide to grow and change, our Essence steps into that space instantaneously.  It takes time and space for Body to catch up.

Essence is beyond time and space.  Essence is everywhere at once.  Essence IS growth and change.  Body exists within time and space.  Body goes from the past to the future.  Body raises and lowers it's vibration.

Sometimes we know the growth experience we're heading into, sometimes we're only given glimpses, and sometimes it's a total surprise.  But know that nothing is thrust upon you, nothing outside yourself is forcing you to change.  It's You as Essence that has created this opportunity.

You can say yes to it, you can say no to it.  Sometimes a 'no' is really a yes to a different opportunity.  But sometimes 'no' is resisting expansion, which doesn't stop the growth but just makes it more painful or difficult.

With each of my children, at the moment labor began, I thought, 'I changed my mind'!

At times like that, you can't really have a discussion about it.  Birth's gonna happen.

I've found, however, that even in the midst of the most challenging growth periods, there's always a blessing, a moment of light, some kind of support, as long as we remain open and notice it.

Growth is always good, although sometimes it takes a few years to realize it.

Make it easier on yourself by not resisting (accepting what is, and moving forward with it).  Realize that You created it, be in agreement with the greater aspect of Yourself.  Stay open and curious, and see what happens!

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