Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Ultimate Love Interactive Game

The Ultimate Love Interactive Game ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

I've started learning Spanish using an on-line programme by the BBC.  It's interactive, providing a variety of ways to learn, including a TV show-like 'mystery' that shifts it's dialogue depending on whether you're male or female.

It's a whole lot more fun than listening to audios spewing out volcabulary, or reading dreary language books.

It started me thinking how this world is a full-immersion interactive game.  In video games, you have a multitude of possible outcomes, depending on the choices that you make.  When you engage in on-line games with other players, your possibilities are infinitely increased, as their games intersect yours.

Now, it may seem that each player has a different goal.  One may be pursuing power.  Another may be pursuing affluence.  Yet another wants social recognition. Someone else wants to find their soul mate. They feel they won't be truly happy until they control those aspects of their environment.

When you break it down, what are they really seeking?  World domination? Wealth? Stardom?

When you peel away the layers, what do you uncover?  Relief of pain?  Freedom (from what)?  Happiness?  Love?

When you finally attain what you're seeking, what will it feel like?  (You may need to close your eyes and take a deep breath).

We are all seeking Source, whether it's the source of power, money, love or anything else.  But what is Source?

Are we players seeking the Game Designer?  Are we seeking the energy that powers the Game?

The answer won't be found within the structure of the Game.  This game is designed to be limited. It's a planet of dichotomies.  Bodies give out after a certain number of years.  There are walls and bridges.

You can't find paradise in a paradox.

True to Planet Earth's innate law (it's not gravity, hint - it's written by Murphy), when you stop trying to find it (or get it), it shows up in your experience.

Either what you seek comes to you, or reveals itself to be there all along.

Whatever you want, You already are.

So - have fun with it.  It's only a Game, after all.

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