Saturday, February 22, 2014

Past & Future Ghosts

Past & Future Ghosts ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

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Someone asked me:
"Ghosts from the past appear to people so could it be possible for people to see ghosts from future?  We seem to dwell on communicating with our dead.  Do you think our unborn from future could be communicated with?"

My answer is: Yes

I wouldn't call them ghosts, maybe entities, but on the spirit level there is no time or space, so they're already in existence. 

You can communicate with your yet-to-be conceived grandchild.  You'll know exactly what to knit for their Xmas stockings.

Outside of our physical reality, everything is happening simultaneously.  It's too much for our body/personality to comprehend, we so locked into this world where things progress along a timeline.

Within this linear existence, time feels like layers of vibration.  The past is denser, slower moving, the future is faster and feels diffuse.  It feels like it is in the process of coming into form.

People from the past still exist, the 'Ghost' aspect may simply be a denser aspect of their personality still accessible from that previous layer of time.  People from the future exist as well, it's just harder to access something beyond our current vibration.

As I've said in previous articles, all of our past lives and all of our future lives are happening at once.  The pope is simultaneously having a lifetime as a prostitute in Jerusalem several thousand years ago and a dictator of a regime in the next millennium.

If that doesn't seem complex enough, there are parallel Universes, your past and future timelines split at every moment of decision, for every part of you that turned left, there's a part of you that turned right, and carried forward a new storyline.  You have infinite pasts to choose from, infinite futures to choose.

That includes babies born, babies not born, people who died, people who didn't die, etc.

If you step back to look, it's like colored threads of connections, intricate fibre optic lines running out and through everyone in existence, everyone who ever existed, anyone who will exist.  You can almost hear the humming of human lives.  If you step back from that, the colors weave into a multilayered tapestry, the humming becomes a chorus of bees.

And if you step back from that, it becomes one.  Again.  It started with an impulse, a thought, a creation of Consciousness.  It doesn't exactly end (just as it didn't exactly begin), but as you step back, the individuality blends back into Oneness.

An interesting and fun thing to do is to communicate with *your* future self.  For instance, if you're going through a difficult time, you can talk to the you that is 5 or 10 years in the future, who's already lived through what you're dealing with now.

I used to do that, when I was having tough times in my 40's, and now I will have these weird, reverse deja-vu's, when I will suddenly feel my past self.  I get to assure the past me that things are much better now.

Have fun with this, this week.  Tune into future Selves to help you make decisions, give you solutions, to whatever you're dealing with now.  Try this for 7 days and see what happens!

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bruce said...

SaJoan I have been receiving your newsletter since April, 2008 and enjoy it every week!!

Your take on the "Ghosts" is so well put and succinctly written!!
Plus there was a definite poetic quality about it!!!

Thank you for sharing with Us!