Saturday, March 22, 2014

Coming Into Center

Coming Into Center ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

I've had a few 'Spiritual Awakenings' in my life, and am teetering on another one.  I'll share with you what happened before, and what's happening now.

Each experience before came after a period of focus, and often after overcoming (or being in the process of overcoming) some great hardship.

The Spiritual Awakening was unexpected, and how it felt was unexpected, too.

The length of time I was in the awakening varied, but usually (it seems) getting into a relationship knocked me out of it.

How I got into each Awakening period was different, but each time I was doing some sort of inner focusing, inner meditation or energy work.  But the techniques differed.

So, what's happening now.  I'm refocusing energetically after a period of hardship.  What I'm doing is subliming simple on one level, although complex on others.

I'm simply walking my dog.

However, I'm walking my dog slowly and mindfully.  My dog, being a 10 year old, overweight corgi, is just fine with going slow.  She likes to sniff and pee on everything.

While she's inspecting every frond on every fern, I'm standing, centering, focusing inward.  My eyes are open, so I'm aware of my surroundings, but it's all an inward feeling.

First revelation came earlier this week, when I brought my full awareness into the Now.  The Now is pain-free.

This is so different than the decades of grounding and running energy, focusing into my body.  During traumatic times I couldn't sit still.  It was too painful.

Even though I "knew" the past was heavy and grief-ridden, and the future was fear-filled (from my body's perspective; body only knows the past, the future isn't real to it).  Even though I "knew" what Present Time was.

Bringing attention fully into Now, drops the memories, the stories, and the seeking.  There is no pain when you're fully aligned in the Present.

Okay.  So the second revelation happened the other day, I was playing with chakras and quantum energy.  My original training, running energy, auras, chakras, etc. became like Newtonian Physics after I learned about Matrix energy.  Matrix energy was Quantum Physics.

"Quantum Energy" is so outside the box, so outside the hologram, there's no center of the earth, there's no chakras.  It's an unnerving place to be, when one's been so in-bodied focused for such a long time. But it's the place where miracles occur.

Over the years I've integrated and adapted my techniques, chakras have become useful again as reference points.

So as I was walking the dog, I was playing with 'one-pointing', something I noticed I came up with a while back (doesn't mean that others aren't talking about it as well, we're all in the same Field).

As I 'one-pointed' each chakra, when I came to my throat, there was this sudden Awareness - very much like the Spiritual Awakening experiences I've had in the past.  I didn't fully tip over into it, but it's there and accessible.

One pointing my throat chakra, connected me inwardly *and* outwardly to All That Is.  That's about all I'll say about that at this moment.

Because, the next thing that's been happening, is this sense of pulling inward.  I've been consciously attempting to 'come back to center' in a way that worked in the past.

What's happening now, however, is coming back to center doesn't stop.  It's a continuous pulling inward that feels endless.  Each chakra point (and this isn't chakras as I knew them, or how I was originally trained - those were vortex tunnels that ran from front to back, energy flowed through, etc.) is like a doorway into the Infinite. There's an inner point in each one of them that is never ending.

So I'm playing with that.

The important thing here is that I'm not consciously TRYING to manipulate what's going on.  I'm not trying to control the outcome.  I'm just responding to the moment to what Is.

How is this useful to You?  Well, You will come to your own Awakening from your own series of experiences.  How to have your own... try this -

Drop your outward focus.  Pull your attention away from the drama and story in your life.  Bring your attention back from the past, all that's happened, and back from the future, all you wish that would happen.

I focus from the center of my head, that's back behind my eyes, between my ears (and up a little bit, actually).

I notice the center focus points down through my body, from the top of my head, center of my head, throat, heart, stomach/solar plexus, below my belly button, and in the base of my pelvis.  Sometimes the soles of my feet.

Imagine pulling your energy back from wherever it is in time (past or future), space (anywhere on Earth and beyond), and multidimensional reality (that can be dreamtime, or other universes, even).

Notice what that feels like or looks like - you may notice a change in your visual perception, too.

From there, it's up to You.

I'm in process with this, so more will be revealed, I'll share with you more as things happen!

Happy Awakening!

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