Friday, March 28, 2014

The End is Just The Beginning

The End is Just The Beginning ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

Tomorrow a friend is burying her husband, and my husband is visiting his friend who has a terminally ill wife.  I'm sure that people are dying at the same rate they always have been, it just seems more noticeable nowadays.

I can't emphasize enough that just because their bodies die, it doesn't mean they're gone.  And it's not that they're still 'alive in your heart'.  They still *exist*, just not in physical form.

They're still available to talk to, they still hear, even if you can't hear them.  You can sense them, and if you're watchful, they'll give you clues.

It's important to grieve, as your body (and it's emotions) is the part of you that feels the loss.  Grieving helps open the way for clear communication.

If there's anything you didn't get a chance to say, say it now.  Write it down, if you need to, it will still be communicated.

Don't hold back (unless you're in the grocery store.  Wait until you're in your car, or at home - alone).  Let it all hang out.  They're easier to talk to, just harder to hear.  Say the things you couldn't say when they were alive.  You can resolve whatever you need to, now.

It's an opportunity to open up to a brand new relationship.  One that can be more than was possible before.

You'll find the end is just the beginning, to an expanded awareness of Love.

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