Friday, March 7, 2014

Plexiglas Walls

Plexiglas Walls ©2014 Joan M Newcomb

Have you ever found yourself blocked from moving forward?  There's no obvious reason for it.  It's like bumping up against a Plexiglas wall.

Perhaps it's something you've tried to attain again and again, and you just can't get past the invisible barrier.  There's no external barrier that you can see.

Even though you may make up stories about the first, second, or third time your face hits this wall, inwardly you wonder what is wrong with you.

Our reality is made up of pictures, impressions we've received (and created) from the moment we pop out of the womb.  Actually, the moment we pop *into* the womb - we absorb these impressions in utero as well.

We're veritable picture galleries of impressions.  And as long as we're within our families or culture, we're amongst others who have the same pictures.  They're agreed-upon images, so they seem real.

When we step outside our matching pictures, we experience discomfort.  Moving to another country, going away to college, getting married, all expose us to different collective pictures.  We can either expand our Universe by moving beyond our limited gallery, or we can get solidified and stuck.

It's why people get upset with others who are different.  We don't want our world to include those who don't have our same pictures.  Make those people go away!

Life is growth.  When we stop growing, we die.  Body/personalities think it's the other way around - we feel threatened when we have to expand.  We think there's nothing beyond our limitations.  But it's a whole new world out there, baby!

Back to Plexiglas's Walls.  They are pictures we haven't recognized as pictures, yet.  They are family or cultural programming, initially given to protect, perhaps, but now control your reality.

How do you get past something that's invisible?  How do you break through something that feels so solid?

Charging headlong into it doesn't work.  Sitting down and moping doesn't either.  Years of psychotherapy can completely elude them. People can't rescue you from your own pictures.

You have to bypass the conscious mind, since that's the curator of your gallery.  Energy work can be helpful as long as you don't get entangled in effort.

Something to playfully try - imagine blowing bubbles.  Each bubble represents a picture in your wall.  You don't have to know what it is, just imagine the bubbles streaming out or floating up and popping.  Do that on a daily basis, or whenever it occurs to you, and you will see change.

You can sit quietly with your eyes closed and visualize yourself walking up to the Plexiglas wall, reaching out and touching it, and have it become gelatinous or made up of bubbles, and gently move through to the other side.

Be gentle with yourself while doing this work, you are transforming your Universe!

Try this for a week and see what happens!

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