Friday, February 28, 2014

Why Fight With Patterns?

Why Fight With Patterns? ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

One of the things I noticed when my parents were dying is their patterns unravelling. We each are a tapestry of patterns, a lifetime of accumulated energies.

When we pass, they drop, like clothing without a body. When you're with someone who is passing, your own patterns light up. You either fight tooth and nail for their validity, or you can allow yours to drop as well. The latter is not so easily done, as there are others within your life weaving who are invested in the reality of these patterns.

Since my last parent died, there's been quite a residue of "stuff".  I've chosen to shine light on it, to speak up and to question it, which has caused a discordant ripple in the combined family fabric.

Heck, anything that doesn't agree with the current vibration is going to appear inharmonious. Really, it's a pattern that's come to the surface because it is dissolving.

Why fight with it? Why not step back and let it dissipate? Because to remain silent is, in a way, to agree with it. Because part of the pattern is secrecy and complacency.

Keeping one's mouth shut is part of the pattern. Staying quiet means allowing it to stay within you. And I'm not carrying this forward.

Yet the opportunity is to rise above it, to look down on it from the clouds, so that everyone involved look like ants. From an airplane, do you really feel that engaged with traffic jams below?

If I really let go of the pattern(s) within me, would everyone else behave differently?  There wouldn't be anything to reflect.

If I really let go of the patterns myself, everyone could behave as crazily as they already are behaving, but it wouldn't make me insane as well.

What's crazy is to expect others to behave differently.  We can only change ourselves.

How do you change yourself, when these patterns are so ingrained that they are invisible to you.  They are an accepted part of your family reality.

It's easiest to work on a symbolic level.  You can see it as an image, hear it as a sound, feel it as a vibration.  Imagine yourself, and see the design separate from your energy space.  Or, hear your own note or melody, and mute the disharmonious notes.  Let your vibration be high, light and bright, and what feels 'off' drains out of you into the earth.

Work on a quantum consciousness level, step to one side, into a Universe where that pattern doesn't exist, you never had it, you never will.  Turn and shift in your new space, this will often change the entire cast of characters as well.

Play with this for the next 7 days and see what happens!

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