Saturday, May 17, 2014

Look On The Bright Side

Thoughts become things, but first they make ruts in our brains.  Repeated thoughts create neural pathways, so it's possible for your mind to get stuck in the rut of negative thinking.  To shift one's perspective initially takes effort - it's like exercising a muscle - but after a while it becomes a habit.

How our brain makes memories

We view the world through our 'mental image pictures', so things can look rosy or glum, depending on our 'slides'.  

That's not to say to be merry as a Mormon if you're in a toxic relationship.  Viewing things with clarity, without judgement, viewing things as they are, you can make better decisions on what to do.

Our brains are constantly recording everything, not just visually but aurally as well.  Think of how we're bombarded with noise and random conversations in the world around us.  We've learned to block this out, but images and conversations can play back to us on an unconscious level.  If you don't want to be programmed by commercials, turn the sound down on the TV and look away during the times they're on!

As sentient beings, we're always looking to grow and expand.   We are naturally going towards the light (although sometimes it seems the way out of darkness is to dive through it)!  Even if things seem like they are getting worse, they are in the process of getting better.

Breakdown always means there's breakthrough in store.

We don't need to keep all the random impressions we've taken in during the day.  A simple way of clearing your inner cache of pictures is to imagine creating and deleting roses (or rose colored bubbles).  Imagine a rose.  Make it disappear.  Imagine another rose, make it disappear.  Now imagine a string of roses, like blowing bubbles, and make each one 'pop', or disappear. 

Don't worry that you'll delete something that's important, you've stored the truth it contains elsewhere in your energy system.  

But 'blowing roses' is a great way to fall asleep at night.  It helps you wake refreshed, and clarifies your dreams as well. 

The clearer your thoughts, the cleaner your manifestations.

Try this for a week and see what happens!

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