Friday, May 9, 2014

It Works When You Work It

There's a slogan in 12 step groups, 'It Works When You Work It'.  It means that if you do the recommended steps, you'll see results.

It's the same with energy work, and there's a few caveats.

You can't give something lip service, you have to actually take action.  You can't just visualize or make a collage, you have to physically do something to bring it your vision into form.

That doesn't mean hard work, or effort, however.  When you go into effort, you spiritually spin your wheels.  So sometimes it means stopping busywork.   It means taking authentic steps towards creating your reality.

An authentic step may look like meditation, or yoga.  Or reading a book.  Or taking a nap.

"It Works When You Work It" also means giving yourself time to practice what you're learning, time to go through the steps.  As Infinite Beings we love to jump to the end result, since as Spirit we're already there.

Whatever you are doing, requires a foundation.  Sometimes building that foundation looks like adopting a healthier lifestyle.

If you want to create wealth, you may need to start with balancing your checkbook.  It doesn't matter how great you look on the outside; you may need to start buying yourself new socks and underwear!

If you want to create a loving relationship, you may need to start with self care.  Loving yourself attracts someone who will love You, too!

Anything (on this planet) takes practice in order to become real.  Abraham-Hicks says it takes 17 seconds, but what they mean it, focusing on something for 17 seconds starts the attraction.  Focusing every day for 17 seconds begins to bring it from thought into physical.

However, the focusing has to be fun, it has to be positive, in has to be both grounded into reality and without effort.  If your focusing with clenched fists and furrowed brow, or if what you're fantasizing about doesn't really have You in it, you're just spinning your wheels.

Beware of Gremlin voices.  Those negating thoughts, 'oh this is a waste of time', 'I've tried it already and it hasn't worked', 'who am I to want this?', 'if I have what I want, no one will love me', etc. etc.   We all have Automatic Negative Thoughts.  Don't feed the ANTS.

Miracles happen when you let yourself consistently practice the techniques I've suggest in my weekly articles.  If you're reading this via my newsletter or somewhere else, find them on my blog at!

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