Friday, June 27, 2014

Love Your Creations

my fish tank isn't this complex
 ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

I am in love with my new fish tank.  I've pulled up an ottoman, and would rather sit staring into their underwater world, than work on my computer.

The intention was to bring abundant Feng Shui to the entrance of my new home.  It's in the 'career area' of the 'bagua' map. 

It's advised to have the lucky number of 9 fish, comprised of 8 gold or red ones, and one black one (to absorb bad ju-ju).  

At first I was going to have gold fish (as koi would be the ideal feng shui fish, but they grow so large, I'd need an outdoor pond for that number).  Gold fish, the pet store told me, are 'dirty fish'.  They pee and poop so much I'd be changing the tank water constantly.

So I went with a smaller, fresh water fish.  I've had two aquariums before, with an assortment of community fish.  They're labor intensive to set up, but easier later on when the environment is established.  

I chose a black molly to start the tank with.  Molly's are hardy fish, apparently, and can withstand the initial water conditions.  Except this one gave birth to 17 black babies and promptly died.  That was either a lot of abundance or a lot of bad ju-ju.

So now I have a tank full of leetle baby mollies.  The pet store won't take them until they're 7 weeks old.  

It totally upsets the Feng Shui.  17 isn't a lucky (or unlucky) number.  It's too many black fish.  I got impatient and bought an albino plecostomus.  Because I love plecos, they eat your algae (when it accumulates), and an albino is pinky-yellow, which is almost red and gold, and I wanted some lucky color in that damn tank.

I decided I don't want mollies in my tank.  They're live bearers and a female (as I discovered) can hold fertilized eggs inside her for 28 days.  They can be aggressive (the little guys are starting to go at each other when I feed them).  Mollies are shoaling fish and happier in groups of 3 or 4.  I don't want to be constantly breeding fish!

So I bought a black betta, which is fairly rare.  I've successfully had bettas in the past.  They're fine with other fish but fight with each other, kind of like Klingons.  Maybe I'll call him Worf.

Anyway, I haven't put him in the tank yet, because he will try to eat the molly fry while they're little. (Although that might solve my dilemma with the excessive numbers). He's in a large glass mixing bowl next to the big tank.  Apparently he's happy, because he's creating bubble "nests" on the water surface.

Why am I so enthralled with this tank?  It's like being the creator of my own universe.  I don't rearrange furniture or redecorate rooms, for which my husband is very appreciative (besides, he's an architect and has a far better 'eye' for those things than I do).  But I have set up live plants and rocks, and introduced new sentient beings into this world.

When you set your intentions into motion, you have to let them go in order to manifest.  You have no idea what is ultimately going to unfold.  

You can select the environment, and try to precisely control all aspects, and still you have surprises.

Perhaps I have 17 black fish to absorb a lot of bad ju-ju.  Perhaps I shouldn't have set up a tank during Mercury retrograde!  

Sometimes patience is required as you're working to bring something into form.  Miracles show up as setbacks.  Our purpose in this life is to create.  (Mollies purpose is to eat.  All they do is search for food).

Look around at your life.  What have you been intending? What are you manifesting? What requires patience in your life?  What miracles are you missing, because the appearance or the numbers seem wrong?

Appreciate your current creations and things may show up greater than you can possibly imagine!

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