Friday, July 4, 2014

The Truth About Ho'Oponopono

Most people know about Ho'Oponopono from Joe Vitale's book Zero Limits but the popular version is missing an important element.

It's known as a Hawaiian prayer "I'm sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you," that Dr. Hew Len used to heal an entire locked ward of a state mental hospital, so that within two years the ward was closed.

However, William Bloom traces it further.  Turns out it's an ancient Polynesian prayer, that the entire village would say whenever an individual would do something wrong.  They would address Spirit, saying "We are responsible. We are sorry.  Please forgive us.  There is only love.  Thank you."

I love his take on it.  These key points are important:
1. The group addresses Spirit, not eachother, not the transgressor or the transgressed.
2. The group takes responsibility for the wrongdoing.
3. Sorry is an apology, acknowledging the error.
4. Forgiveness removes the energy so it no longer hurts.
5. Love fills in the space, and heals.
6.Thank you expresses appreciation for the healing, completes the prayer.

Energetically, this is what takes place:
First, the focus is toward Consciousness, not the personalities involved.  The energy is directed upward or inward, depending on how you feel the connection.

Secondly, there is collective ownership of the creation. The group holds energy, anything an individual does within its energy field is a result of all the threads of interaction.  Taking responsibility is taking ownership of the wrongdoing.  You can only make change when you own the action.

Sorry in this case is an action.  It's the response part of taking responsibility. You can only make change when you feel what was done was wrong or caused injury.

Forgiveness is a neutralizing step.  It doesn't make the wrongdoing ok but removes its ability to continue to hurt.  It releases the discordant thread.

Love brings in Spirit, raises the energy, fills in the space created.

Thank you completes the healing, expresses gratitude and appreciation to Spirit.

Imagine if you saw everything in your world as vibrating threads.  Anything you read about or see in the news is a thread through your world.  As a creator of your Universe, you have the power to remove that thread from your experience.  In doing so, you help to de-energize its strength in the collective.

You can do this with family dysfunctional patterns, removing your participation in its travel through time.  You create the possibility for others to be free of it's effects as well.

Practicing Ho'Oponopono, in this full and encompassing way, declares your independance from the 'ties that bind', the unharmonious cords.

This world is a playground, a fishtank, a model railroad layout, created by Consciousness for the joy and wonder of it.  It is created by Love, and created with Love.  The energy it is manufactured with is Love.

When there is anything that is not-love, it's like poop on the playground.  It muddies the water.  It affects the structural integrity of the model.

As creators of our reality when we see this, we can go "Oops! My bad!"  (An effortless way to say I'm sorry and take ownership).  The poop may not have come out of our physical body, but we can still take a compostable "doggie doo" bag and pick it up (and effortless way to respond).

Love resets the diagram. Love restores the working order.

Thank You appreciates Consciousness beyond the personality level.  Thank U, thank U(niverse), thank You (your Higher Self).

And, thank You for reading this!

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