Friday, August 29, 2014

Life In The Beyond

This guest post introduces you to the writing of my VoiceAmerica cohost, Janet Barrett:
Life In The Beyond ©2014 Janet Barrett

Outside and inside of our group the awareness of nourishment has come up. In order to survive as living creatures we must be nourished physically. In order to prosper, life within us needs to be fed. We can be fed on many different levels. Physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual are the realms we experience being human. We tend to associate food with the physical as it is the immediate but we are all familiar with food for thought.

Morphic field energies abound around nourishment. People right now are starving for basic needs around the world. There are people reading this who may be dealing with the issue from a direct personal experience. Societies over the generations have not really resolved these issues anymore today than they have in the past. Because we still have conditions about individuals and collective groups being nourished and ourselves. Starvation and lack of water are effective tools at controlling and killing.

We don’t always make the best judgments in the moment when we are starving or our families are doing so. Decisions that come out of our hunger on any level maybe be different than those made from our satiated states. Which is not referring to gluttony. That too can be an fear or issue. When we have enough to have a sense of fullness and replenishment and ease, our focus can relax also.  Sometimes our challenges will come from not knowing we are starving because we are just in a state of hunger. It can be about anything and it motivates us good and bad. Whether is for money, our father’s or mother’s love, the zing of taste from a fresh juicy orange and anything else, we can crave.

Sometimes we can’t get enough. Sometimes we get so much we get sick and go into a cycle of consume and purge. Addictions of all kinds can appear. Living bodies can reset their need levels in order to continue to survive.  Sometimes we set our essentials to the bare minimum and we don’t reset in times of plenty. Nature follows patterns of new births and deaths with the environments of weather and location. Animals and man have a history of migration as a way to survive. When animals and man are restricted in movement they can die off as the location can’t support the life there without supplementation from other sources.

Take time to drop in and access your heart field of unified consciousness.

Use your Matrix Energetics skill sets or whatever you might use to invite the state of play to open. Without attachment to outcome just notice how you respond to the following. Notice where your thoughts and awareness take you. Perhaps you will go down paths you have never held in conscious awareness. We invite that to happen. Allow yourself to be surprised and bemused. This is about the core we each hold inside about life, our sense of source, and our ability to share with others on this pale blue planet. How do we feel and feed ourselves? What do we allow for?

Where does your sense of source come from?

What is essential to your well being? The arts, conversation, nature,

What do you limit in order to savor or as a treat instead of everyday

What is it like to feel satiated, to have a sense of enough?

What is the fear or condition in being at ease?

What are you feeding yourself?

What do you allow yourself to be nourished by?

In this country lean and mean fighting machines are considered good and
healthy. In other countries it may mean starvation and rebellion. What are you

Indulging, wasting, starving children in Africa and China? Any of this
ringing a bell that is still echoing?

Is it okay to be alive?

Is it okay to be embodied energy?

What are your conditions of nourishment?

Janet Barrett is a subtle energy empath, Matrix Energetics practitioner and cohost of Conscious Conversations with Joan and Janet on VoiceAmerica.  Her website is

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