Friday, September 5, 2014

Lies & Whispers

Lies & Whispers ©2014  Joan M. Newcomb

The wee hours of the night is a seductive time. It can be a time of reflection, of contemplation, of revelation, or it can be a time of insanity.
We all have a hamster wheel in our brains, that can replay stories over and over again. These stories trigger intense emotion. Sometimes the stories are completely false. The more dangerous ones have an element of truth. Truth with a twist. A clue to whether there's a lie in the story is how dramatic it is, and how strongly you feel about it.

Lies and whispers abound during the daylight as well.

A technique known by spies and religious evangelists is how to program people - you stick a lie in with the truth.  A quiet, demeaning, aside that sinks into your subconscious and distorts your viewpoint.

Abusers make their victims feel like they're at fault for being abused.  Narcissists have people bending over backwards to please them in the fruitless hope they'll be acknowledged.

There aren't hamsters on your nighttime hamster wheel, they're rats. Don't feed the rats.

And don't feed the vermin during the day either.  You can drive yourself crazy trying to run around quelling the untruths they're spreading.

It's like running through a maze of funhouse mirrors.

Feeding rats can be fatal.

Step back from it all.  Detach from the rats by placing your focus on yourself and your own truth.  Who you really are, is Consciousness.  Expansive, loving and joyous.

Anita Moorjani had an Near Death Experienc that made her realize we are all Magnificent.  She had been suffering from lymphoma for four years, weighed eighty pounds and had slipped into a coma.  The doctor told her husband she was hours from death.  Instead, she returned filled with Consciousness.  The tumors began disappearing (this is all medically documented) and she rapidly recovered.

I share this as a perspective that it is ALL lies and whispers.  Anything that denies or limits your Magnificience, is a lie.

Allow that awareness to sink in.  Your reality will change and have a ripple effect to all around you.

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