Friday, October 3, 2014

Heart Space, Growth Periods and Doing It Yourself

Heart Space, Growth Periods and Doing It Yourself ©2014 Joan Newcomb

On our radio show, we talk about Consciousness.  For me this is the newest and currently most accurate way to describe who We really are.  Imagine you are Consciousness.  What does that feel like?

We also talk about heart space, and each week my co-host leads us through an exercise to drop down into this field of awareness.  It's not your heart chakra, it's viewing the world through rose-colored glasses, it is deeper than that.  You drop down (think going down an elevator or escalator) into the heart area, but then you step through (Janet describes it like going through the lobby or an antechamber) into a deeper space.

How does that feel?

You've just shifted your perspective.  You've just expanded your awareness.

This is something you can actually do anytime, any place.  At work, in a meeting, in the car, at the store.  In conversation with someone else, in the shower by yourself.  Notice what happens when you do.

Why do this? Why shift your perspective? Why be Conscious?

When you are driving your car, are you your vehicle or the driver?  Does the vehicle know where it's going?  Can the vehicle see the big picture why it is here?

Would you rather navigate life from the experience of limitation, the feeling of things happening to you, of helplessness, or would you like to navigate from knowing there are infinite possibilities, being at choice, of being bigger than...?

As we go through life, we have opportunities to expand.  We encounter periods where our old limitations are breaking down, and we break through into a greater awareness.  We become more Conscious.  We become more who we really are.

These 'growth periods' can be uncomfortable, because we lose aspects of our identity.  They may be disorienting, we may feel lost for a while.  In reality, we are going towards something better, towards a deeper understanding of ourselves, a greater connection with our Essence and the Essence in all of us.

Language is limiting.  You have to feel it to fully know it.

This week, practice "dropping down" into this deeper heart awareness.  Be Consciousness.  Try this throughout the week and see what happens!

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