Friday, October 17, 2014

Letting Go and Holding On

Letting Go and Holding On ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

One of our radio show listeners wrote asking about  'Letting Go'.  We realized we couldn't talk about it without also talking about 'Holding On'.

Life is a continuous flow of letting go; we have to release the present moment in order to move forward.  We must surrender to the future or else have no future.

We cannot manifest our dreams without letting go of fantasies.  In order to have more, we must let go of whatever is occupying the space for it.

It can be a relief to let go of things we no longer want, and a delight to drop restrictions. Every new moment is an opportunity for expansion.

Our world is under constant renovation.  The Universe wants to give us more, we need but ask for it.

But how do you not lose something or someone you love?  How can you hold on to what you want to keep?

The thing to know is, what is real is never lost.

We want to hold onto our youth and attractiveness, but the wisdom that comes with age reveals a more magnificent beauty.

We want to keep our initial love affair, but in grasping it too tightly we stifle its growth.  Real love takes years to ripen.

And, the truth of the matter is, nothing real ever dies.

Our loved ones are still here, we cannot see them but we can sense them.  The conflicts and personality flaws are gone, but the essence of their love for us and our love for them is immortal.

When a loved one passes, it's an opportunity to have a new relationship with them, that transcends form.  However, we have to grieve their physical loss in order to feel them in their lighter state of being.

It also helps to know that we live in a multiverse where all possibilities exist.  As Consciousness, you experience parallel universes where you made different choices and will choose different options.  Some aspect of you, a parallel self, got to have whatever you missed out on.  You can have a different future simply by stepping into a different path.

Here's a game, if you are stuck - move your hand out in front of you, most likely it will feel dense, as if a door is closed.  Feel around for where ever is feels like a door easily opens, and step into that new space.  Notice what is different. You have effortlessly shifted into a new Universe.

Do this from a childlike, playful space.  Have no preconceived notions of where you are going as your current thinking got you where you are.  You want to open to something bigger than you can imagine!

Play with this, this week, and see what happens!

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