Friday, November 28, 2014

Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

The holiday season holds many memories for folks, not all of them warm and cheery.  This time last year I was visiting DC, recording my father's life stories in his final month on hospice.  The year before I was midwifing my mother on her way out of the body.  Ten years ago a loved one was hit by a car, which propelled me through intense grief, as well as intense learning about the reality of life beyond death.

My own storyline has had bleak chapters for this time of year.  Times, as a single parent so poverty stricken that my kids only gifts came from the food bank.  Or when a loved one suffering from an illness went missing for 3 days the week before Christmas.

As we (in the Northern Hemisphere) are heading towards the shortest day of the year, it's helpful to remember that there is always light in the darkness.  Even in the darkest night, the sun is still shining somewhere.

Things seem dark and painful when we view them as our body-personalities.  As a body-personality, I lost both parents last year (and a dog, and a house).  As a body-personality, I had stories of being poor, frightened, or abandoned.  When I step back and see things as Consciousness, it's an entirely different experience.

I midwifed both parents out of body last year.  I held space for the two beings, who played the roles of my parents, to transition back to Spirit.  I also held space for my dog to do so (as I have for many pets in the past).  I released my house on Vashon to step into new opportunities in a new city.  As Consciousness, joyous and unlimited, I've created experiences of contraction and expansion.

I can assure my body that we've lived through these things, that we know how to get through anything that may come up.  I can comfort my body by appreciating how great things are now and realizing that 'it does get better'.  Our house in Tacoma is twice as big (and half as expensive) as the one on Vashon.  My parents are still here, I feel them rather than see them, they're easier to access than when they were in body.  All our pets still exist, too, young and energetic and happy with no litter boxes to clean or poop to scoop!

It's my purpose as a Being of Light, as a natural Lightbringer, to shine light in the darkness.  It illuminates the shadows so we can them.  Light is always accessible, whether we can feel it or not.  

So if you're feeling bogged down, breathe deep and feel Consciousness within you and around you.  Mentally step up and out of the morphic field of doom and gloom.  Imagine stepping through the door where things are lighter and brighter.  Anything and everything you need is available to you.  Allow the energy of it, love, prosperity, warm, plenty, to surround you and infuse you.

Do this continually for the next 7 days and it will transform your life!

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