Friday, December 5, 2014

Rapists and Racists, What the HELL Is Going ON??

Rapists and Racists, What the HELL Is Going ON?? ©2014 Joan M. Newcomb

It certainly seems like we're all going to hell in a hand basket.  We've had several instances of white police murdering innocent black people.  We've had everyone's favorite jello pudding Pop turn out to be a creepy and frightening rapist (and he's now counter-suing one of his victims).  It's really all too, too much.

So, here's what's going on:  the more enlightened we collectively become, the more extreme and insane things will come to the surface.

Increased light reveals what's been in the shadows.  Increased enlightened individuals means things can't be hidden any longer.  We are empowered to speak out.  We feel entitled to justice.  When things are not ok, we call them out.

50-60 years ago, it was ok to hit your kids with a ruler, or a hairbrush.  It was "kind" of a parent to hit them with their bare hand, "because it hurt them, too".  (Way to add dose of guilt on top of your abuse)!

Shit like that doesn't fly anymore.

Restrictions (limiting thoughts, ideas, and attitudes) are disintegrating, because they cannot hold the higher and lighter vibration that is incarnating on the planet right now.  People who identify with those constraints are very uncomfortable.  Those with an externalized source of power feel very threatened.  They are frightened.  Their identities, their egos, are dying.

They are making a lot of noise to keep things as they are, they are trying to hold on to reins attached to an empty harness.

You cannot stop evolution.  You can't even slow it down.  It is a glacier heading towards the ocean, changing the topography as it moves.  Try pushing back the glacier.

Put your skis on and ride the glacier, you'll have a whole lot of fun.  Go with the floe.

However, everyone nowadays is experiencing some discomfort as they bring stuff up to be released.  Buried family patterns are coming to the surface, repressed memories are reflected to you in the news.  How do you 'let it go'?

Here's a couple techniques that may help.   When you're watching the news, imagine a stream of bubbles popping (you can blow real bubbles if you want).  Each bubble represents a thought, a memory, a mental image picture, that you want to let go of.  You don't have to examine each one.  You will find yourself feeling much clearer if you do this on a regular basis!

This one is new.  Imagine a 3-D picture frame lifting out of you.  Bring it out and examine it.  Move it around.  It shifts, it's loose, you can change it's dimensions. You can bring it back in, if you like, or send it out to orbit.  Notice what happens when you do.  Notice how things feel.

The picture frame represents an inner pattern you are changing or clearing.  You don't have to know what it is.  It's better not to know, as it opens you up to greater possibilities of expansion.

Play with this for the next week.  Be whimsical about this.  And, be surprised by the results!

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