Friday, January 30, 2015

Pattern Disruptors - Stop Painful Interactions NOW!

Pattern Disruptors - Stop Painful Interactions NOW! ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

We made it through the holidays, but this year has been a doozy so far.  We've stepped up to a new evolution of Consciousness and all sorts of things are coming out of the woodwork.  When you're vibrating at a higher level, things that are dense get dislodged.

It may feel like your foundation is being rocked, or the mortar holding your life together has come loose.  Things that were your anchor points have gone, your own identity may seem to be dissipating.

Circumstances may seem to be creating these changes.  Your relationship, job or home situations may be falling apart (or coming together).  But in reality it's You, your Inner Being, that is shining a brighter light, and everything else is reacting, a ripple effect emanating from You.

What this means is, you can no longer interact with others in the same way.  They may seem to be carrying on things learned from family, but you cannot respond from old expectations.  And yet, when you speak up, stand in your truth, all hell breaks loose.

A while back I wrote about the Bug Zapper technique for keeping your space clear around others.  It's especially useful in situations like weddings, family reunions, any time you are around groups of people where you (or they) may be triggered.  The Bug Zapper eliminates projections coming towards you, but also disintegrates projections coming from you as well.

This is a variation of that technique, but you start with creating a single laser beam, representing one thread of a pattern.  Have it out in front of you, or - if you're feeling the effects of the pattern in a particular place, inside of you at that spot.   And allow it to vibrate.

When I did this recently, I noticed one family member who was carrying on the legacy.  The laser beam initially seemed like a lightning bolt, not meant to zap them, but to zap the pattern.  The threads of connection disappeared and we both looked lighter.

You don't have to know what the pattern is - in fact, it may be more useful not to know, as it opens more possiblities when it's not defined.  You can also use multiple threads; they look like a grid.  You can pass the grid through your energy space, or use it in front of you or to one of the sides.

When I did this, I noticed the energy shifting with someone I care about, and fortunately in a way that eased the matching pain we're experiencing.

This is something you can play with in meditation or when going to sleep at night.  It's helpful to be intuitive and playful about it, not to think too hard.  Be open minded and notice what is different.

As you do this is that your interactions with people get easier.  Situations you may have thought were impossible to change naturally unfolds.  You're not out there doing anything, manipulating circumstances, you're just focusing on vibrating threads.

And, these threads and grids can shrink down to the size of microchips, you can allow them to work within your space without giving a whole lot of attention to them.  Your energy increases, your sense of wellbeing expands.

You are Consciousness and playing with energy this was is how you navigate your life *as* Consciousness!

For more tips, tools & techniques (as well as coaching and classes) on how to navigate with Consciousness, go here!

Try this for the next week and see what happens!

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