Thursday, July 30, 2015

Consciousness Techniques For Navigating Life

Ever had times where your life just flowed with synchronicity or serendipity?

Simple yet profound.Techniques for

 Wouldn't you like to experience that more often?

~Learn simple yet profound techniques for navigating life as Consciousness!
~Gain greater confidence for showing up and taking action!
~Step out of the drama and into a bigger experience of Life.
~Transform problems into joys!


Added Benefits from using Consciousness Techniques

~They have a "ripple effect" on friends, family, co-workers
~It feels *great* to be in Unified Consciousness!
~Doors open into infinite possibilities for you!
~Life becomes a playground to have fun, instead of a school of hard knocks.

On-line Webinar 
Monday, August 10th 12pm Pacific, 3pm Eastern (phone & video access; will be recorded)
In Person Workshop
Thursday, August 27th, 7-9pm (in Tacoma)
Only $44 (pay by August 9th) or $50 (on August 10th)

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