Friday, July 31, 2015

When Good Things Happen To Guilty People

When Good Things Happen To Guilty People ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

There's a book called 'When Bad Things Happen To Good People', which profoundly answers the 'why me' question when terrible things happen.

But I think we're all resolved to bad things happening. The economy's had recent downswings, people have lost their jobs and had to reinvent themselves, divorce statistics are high, and even if your life doesn't have any dramatic events happening in it, there's enough on the news and social media to keep you comfortably miserable.

What we aren't prepared to deal with is when good things happen. When you watch TV and people win the lottery or get a wonderful surprise, they burst into tears. It's painful when good things happen. 

I've seen people become successful in their businesses, hit the six (or seven) figure mark, and they are extremely uncomfortable. It's almost like survivor's guilt. Why me, when other people are struggling?

Why not you?

You can hear other's thoughts. Who are you to have success? Who are you to be happy? Who are you to be in love? Who are you to be rich?

We're no longer matching the crowd. We're stepping up and beyond the energy of deprivation and lack. 

However, these are the thoughts that hold you back, that keep you from breaking through.

If I become financially successful, no one will like me. I can't attract a life partner if I'm independent. I can't be happy if a friend or family member is suffering.

Here's another way of looking at it: you can provide the example for other's to experience fortune in their own lives. You're showing that it is possible.

When good things happen, it can be hard to enjoy it, because we're stepping out of our discomfort level.

We're expanding our ability to have joy and love and other good stuff.  That's a stretch, for most of us.

You are allowing your Self to be full sized. To be fully Present. To manifest more of your True Self.

As Essence we are infinite, joyous, and free. We are capable creators. We come into physical bodies and roll around in the mud.  It's equally creative to manifest terrible things happening, as having wonderful things happening. A shift of perspective is all it takes.

It's okay to have good things happen. It's your birthright to be happy, joyous, and free. It is all right to vibrate differently than the crowd.

Each person who breaks out of the limitations of their family, peers, culture, creates space for others to join them. You help Consciousness evolve by moving forward yourself.

This week, let yourself dance to your own drummer, let yourself be high on life. Appreciate the good things you already have, and you'll let yourself have more!

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