Friday, October 2, 2015

Are You Managing or Being Managed?

Are You Managing or Being Managed? ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

Today I heard a talk by a young man who related getting out of $60,000 debt. By making different choices than his peers, he was able to accumulated a healthy savings allowing him the freedom to do what he loved for a living.

He said, "If you don't manage your money and your possessions, your money and your possessions manage you."

It's a pretty common problem in the world today. We get so caught up in accumulating bright, shiny objects that our livestyle ends up owning us.

When we get caught in the black hole of debt, we are trying our hardest to control when we feel the most out of control.

Credit cards are funny things, they allow us to buy real things without having 'real money'. And because of interest rates and fees, in the long run we end up spending far more than an item's original value.

Buying things with plastic creates an energy imbalance, but most likely that imbalance existed before you even handed your card over to the cashier.

Money issues are value issues.  Value issues are boundary issues. And all issues are symptoms of unconsciousness.

If you are being managed by your possessions, your lifestyle, or your creditors, you've lost touch with your inner value.  You are an Infinite Being, and you are worth more than your money.

When you own your inner beingness, you automatically begin living from your core values rather than social expectations.

It's amusing to notice that, when you start managing your money, tracking when it comes in and goes out, prosperity starts flowing to you.

The flip side of materialism is equally imbalanced. People can live lives of noble deprivation, and are equally controlled by poverty as others are controlled by possessions.  Denying yourself basic self care and simple pleasures are symptoms of unconsciousness as well.

Managing your energy doesn't mean controlling your feelings or controlling you environment. It means becoming aware of your reactions and choosing different responses. It means operating outside of your 'comfort zone', because often we are so used to being out of alignment that healthy actions feel uncomfortable!

Consciousness is infinite but not excessive.  You can live within your mans yet not have your means define you. You can have a wealthy life with a high quality of life and not a high credit balance.

It starts with becoming aware.  This week I invite you to notice the outflow and inflow of money in your life. Keep your receipts, or check your bank account on line. Bring Consciousness into this aspect of your life and see how your prosperity increases!

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