Friday, February 5, 2016

Freedom from Fear

Freedom from Fear ©Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

For the past few months, there's been tension in the air. It hasn't made sense to me, it doesn't apply to my situation. But I look around and see other's experiencing anxiety.

Sometimes I could pinpoint it was this person or that person's reality I was tuning into, but more often it seemed like I'm picking up on the entire area.

Which can create interesting stories in my head. We're in the shadow of Mount Rainier; it's due for an eruption any hundred years or so. We're due for 'the Big One' massive earthquake any century now, too.  Am I sensing a collective creation?

Or is it astrological, the remnants of the Pluto-Uranus square that's been revolutionizing us for a few years now?

Or are we collectively going through yet another shift in Consciousness?

Yes to the last one - and - our bodies feel like any change, any movement into the unknown (and the future in unknown to our body/personalities), means that they are dying.

We'll interpret increases in vibration as an impending earthquake, when it's really us as Consciousness coming more into our individual forms.

If we aren't used to spiritual growth periods, experiences of expansion, we'll react like something is happening to us, we're being forced into something, when in reality it is we who are creating is as Consciousness.

If you know what is going on, you'll experience it as exhilaration, not fear.

Now in the past I've believed that if we're collectively stuck, we'll create an external earthquake, or tsunami, or eruption, or some kind of disaster, to shake us up and move forward.

But that was limiting thinking, buying into the belief that the outside creates my internal reality.

We're in this collective, full-immersion, on-line 'sim' game. It has an infinite amount of choices. You do one thing and it sets you off on one trajectory, you do something else and a different story unfolds.

I can shift into parallel storylines (parallel universes) at any moment. You don't have to rescue anyone else or bring them on board with your own awareness.  Everyone and everything will be the same, your kids, your family, your location, but we won't be in the 'earthquake/eruption' plot.

On the other hand, if there *is* a collective earthquake here... I guess as Consciousness I felt I needed a bit more excitement in my life!

Rather than get distracted by a dramatic possibility, I'm choosing to focus on what I'm currently creating, and shifting myself to embracing it in a bigger way.  Releasing limits on how many people I as an empath feel I can work with, for instance.

As Consciousness, we're immortal, infinite, powerful, and magnificent. There is no fear.  How do we help our bodies feel less anxious or overwhelmed? Bring our full Presence into our own space.

Rather than skittering around doing something to feel better or more secure, bring your full Focus into your body. Bring your Consciousness into your lower abdomen. Resonate your awareness that within you contains everything your body needs to know to live and thrive.

When you do that for yourself, it stabilizes your hologram as well.

Rather than everything disintegrating and falling apart, you can actually have a peaceful transformation. You're evolving from within.

Play with this for the next 7 days and see what happens!

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