Friday, February 12, 2016

No Shit Boundaries and Money

No Shit Boundaries and Money ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Ownership was always a tricky thing for me. I taught it in meditation classes when I was in my 20's but didn't have a clue what it really meant.

I grew up moving to different countries every few years, and learned to adjust my energy to external surroundings. Although I'd consciously manifested significant things (lost 50#, my first boyfriend, and drama school in London all by age 19), it still felt like the outside world was in control.
No Shit Boundaries - author Anagoria

When you don't own your manifestations, you can't have them.  They may show up in your reality but not as "yours". This can be a house belonging to your husband but not to you, someone else getting that promotion in the job you've been a temping, your soul mate but they're married...

When you don't own your creations, you don't keep them. They dissipate as the illusions that they are.

It's easy to confuse ownership with being territorial. This is *my* space, don't invade it! Being territorial is a lower vibration. It's body-personality focus. You engage with bottom of the fish-tank level energy. Bodies are concerned about territory, it's a life or death issue if something is taken away from them. It's a "power outside" perspective.

Being territorial creates competition and scarcity. The antidote to competition is ownership.

As Consciousness, you create your reality down to the smallest detail. It's Your fish tank. Ownership gives focus to whatever you're creating.  Focus isn't density, but it is attention. Focus is what makes energy become form.

When you own your reality, your creations, your self, as Consciousness, your abundance increases. As Consciousness you know your true value. You're able to receive more, ask for more, have more.

When I first began to understand this, I felt like I had "No shit" boundaries.  As in, I ain't putting up with any shit any more. But it really meant that I had clear awareness of my energetic space, so invalidating people or situations stopped showing up.

Now, as I shift in Consciousness, my energy expands, so echoes of the past may flitter by. I retain my ownership by not engaging with them. It's just shadow boxing to do so.

Ownership gives a sense of personal power, and a knowingness that nothing is more powerful than you. You have no need to resist Wall Street, Mortgage Corporations, Western Medicine, one political party or another. Resistance and power struggles are 'bottom of the fish tank' energy.

When you operate as Consciousness, owning your energy, your space, and your creations, you experience infinite abundance. There is enough of everything; there is plenty for everyone.

It's as simple as shifting your perspective from body-personality to Consciousness. It's as easy as reframing your inner language to creating and choosing everything in your life. It's as effortless as stepping into a parallel universe where it's already unfolded in your favor.

Try this for the next seven days and see what happens!

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Lorraine Roe said...

Wow! This is really helpful. Own it!!!! I like the message. Thanks, Joan.