Friday, June 24, 2016

Even Though It's Real, Doesn't Mean It's Not Moveable

Even Though It's Real, Doesn't Mean It's Not Moveable ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

The problem with saying that reality is an illusion, it that it invalidates the living, breathing experience we're having.

The problem with saying we're all One, is that it doesn't acknowledge our uniqueness and individuality.

This reality is created by Consciousness. It is created by You, As Consciousness.
The Holodeck, Second Life, Jin Zan contributor

The problem with likening it to a video game (which I do, often), is that implies that everything is pre-programmed and there's no free will.

The problem with saying it's all pre-destined, is that infers we have no choice.

It is a full, immersion, 3 D experience. And, it has innumerable possibilities from which to choose. Change is always possible.

If you play the game from an unconscious level, it's going to be solid and real and immovable. The rules, at this level, feel imposed. The only way out is to rebel.

If you play the game with an awareness that it is a game, you'll feel a little better. You see that there are choices to make, and consequences to your actions. You are more comfortable within the guidelines. When something happens that doesn't feel good, it's 'God's Will', or the Universe made it happen.

When you start to operate as Consciousness, you stumble over those earlier levels. You think that YOU are CONSCIOUSNESS and everything and everyone is your creation.  This is all an illusion, nothing is real, so it doesn't matter how you act (or behave towards people).

There's no free will, so don't even bother trying to make choices. Or YOURS is the ultimate will, so you can manipulate the hell out of reality.

Yeah. The wonderful thing about life on playground Earth is that it is all of that. And more than that. It is infinitely complex.

It is a hologram, in that it's a construct of Consciousness. And within the hologram it feels real, it has density. And every story you have about reality, including that it's a hologram, is a story within the hologram.

Consciousness is outside the hologram, and also in the hologram, and creating the hologram.

When you shift your perspective to yourself *as* Consciousness, things start happening that are outside the box.

You're no longer stuck with the script, you can improvise.

Rather than treating people badly, because they're not real, you feel more compassionate and open hearted towards them. You've created them in your hologram, and they are Consciousness, too.

There's no conflict in Consciousness, just diversity in form. Even when someone seems to be doing something contrary to you, it opens up to something bigger and better than you thought possible.

I've recently been collaborating with someone who was driving me crazy. I realized it was a revisitation of patterns (this game is made up of patterns), and I didn't need to react to them. It's shifted the interaction from something that was stressful to something that is cooperative and even beneficial. Who knew?

So, nothing is truly stuck. Reality is real, and it is malleable. You can't reshape it from unconsciousness or even from awareness. Shifting into Consciousness, it reorganizes into something different.

Whether you're shifting into a parallel Universe, or your current Universe is shifting, doesn't really matter. What's most important to know is that every possibility is probable.

We are in an ocean of abundance, of well being, of potential. It's all available to you. Relax and sink into this knowingness, and see how your reality transforms!

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