Friday, June 17, 2016

Making Stuff Real - Manifesting Ideas and Things

Making Stuff Real - Manifesting Ideas and Things ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

With the coming Solstice and Full Moon on Monday, I feel moved to write about the many ways we create reality in the physical realm.

Manifesting anything on this planet, whether it's a business idea or a garden, takes many elements. The soil or foundation that it's in, the water or fertilizer you give it, and the sun and the weather, which seem out of your control.

Traditional methods require specific steps, such as:
1. Thinking about it, coming up with an idea.
2. Research and Development
3. Design and Construction
4. Maintenance, etc.

We're translated that into Law of Attraction - type manifesting, with specific steps, such as:
1. Coming up with a Vision.
2. Creating a vision board or affirmations.
3. Giving regular focus to your Vision.
4. Determining baby steps and action, etc.

The difference between building something and with the Secret/LOA type manifesting is that in the Art of Allowing it to manifest you have to let it go. The magic is in releasing it to the Universe to be manifested.

People get stuck with affirmations because they can continue to keep whatever is desired out of reach. It keeps it as a wish rather than a vision coming into form.  Often their dream comes true when they quit working on it or give up. They've let go of trying to control the outcome and then it is "allowed" to happen.

There's an emotional component to manifesting in the physical as well. Add Feeling to your Vision and it seems to come about faster. If you feel wealthy, your life is more likely to become prosperous. If you feel doubt or fear, you may manifest something but it will have loopholes or distortions to it.

And, you can use the unseen energies of the moon cycles and the Solstice/Equinox cycle to boost your manifestations. You can set new intentions on the New Moon and see them come about by the Full Moon. You can align your personal growth cycle with Nature by calling in a new cycle of growth at the Fall Equinox, and be amazed at what comes to fruition by the Summer Solstice.

All of this, however, is working within the Hologram. This reality is created by Consciousness and you create your reality *as* Consciousness. As Consciousness, you have created this wonderful, complex design that uses biology and physics, but also 'mystical' frequencies, astrology that acknowledges the influence of planets and other celestial bodies.

Working within the Hologram means you utilize the prime directives of time and space. It's going to take time to manifest, and it's going to need room to manifest.

Creating as Consciousness, things seem to manifest out of thin air, and without any effort. You think of making a cup of tea and you walk into your kitchen to find that it's already made. The approach it different. You step into the Universe where the outcome is already in your favor, where whatever you want already exists. You change your state of being and your external state changes.

Time and space are reference points. You can send a parallel self out to do something so that when you get round to it, it happens almost instantaneously. 

Making stuff happen as Consciousness means throwing out the rule book, and coloring outside the lines. There's no diagnosis that can't be changed nor prognosis diverted. 

There's no urgency with this type of creating. You playfully approach whatever you want to make happen, curious about what will show up. Miracles are everyday and everyday is a miracle.

How do you get started Creating as Consciousness? It's as easy and effortless as reading this blog. You've just planted the seed, idea, or request. Now start noticing how it shows up!

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