Friday, July 22, 2016

Wings with Feet - how to go after your dreams without tripping up!

Wings with Feet - how to go after your dreams without tripping up! ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb

We're in exciting times! We're all experiencing accelerated growth and change. To many people, this feels expansive and empowering. To others, they're completely freaked out.

This increased energy inspires us to go after our dreams. We can see the possibility out in front of us, and we make the quantum leap for it. We take off into the wild, blue yonder as if we had wings.

Making that dream a reality, bringing it back to Earth, requires landing gear.
Heart with Wings by Lederartisan

Some folks are always coming up with good ideas. They charge after them, filled with enthusiasm. Then, a few months down the line, they run out of steam. Their dream evaporates.

Some folks are magnificent planners. They get an idea for their great American novel, then spend the next two years researching it in minute detail. And never write a page.

Manifestation nowadays is easier than ever, so why are results so elusive?

Because the idea folks have wings but no landing gear. And the planners never get off the ground without wings.

Any manifestation requires a vision.  Consciousness communicates with images. Your vision communicates to your higher Consciousness your request. The clearer your vision, the better it is able to come into form.

Although visions can magically happen, the probably won't if you don't take any action. You may not know how your vision is ultimately going to manifest, but baby steps indicate your willingness to receive it.

Planning helps you prepare, helps you create the container to receive your request.  Yet, if you're freaked out by your own creative power, you're not going to bring your idea into form. You'll do a lot of busy work, running in circles, but not produce anything. You'll get distracted and do something else instead.

Making your dreams real require Visions, Actions, and Havingness. Havingness is the ability to have your Vision or desire. It's adjusting your energy so you can have it. Sometimes it requires letting go of everything keeping you from having it. Sometimes it requires you upping your energy to match the desired thing.

If you want to be in a relationship, you may need to clear that pile of books off your bed. You may need to join a few Meetup groups and get out of the house!

If you want to own a home, you may need to drive through a few neighborhoods and imagine what it would be like to live there. (You may also need to check your credit score and talk to a mortgage broker, but Consciousness can bypass some of those details in surprising ways if you're truly aligned).

If you want to increase your prosperity, you may need to look where you're acting impoverished. There's a difference between frugality and deprivation. It may not mean driving the latest BMW when you're buying groceries on credit cards.

Ultimately, expansion comes from within. Your body is your anchor in this reality. It is your focal point as Consciousness. Your dreams come from the realm of Consciousness. They come into form through your body.

Focusing on how you would feel if you had your vision is very powerful. It creates the emotional state within your body to generate the energy to bring it into being.

Play with this over the new few days and see what starts happening!

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