Friday, August 5, 2016

It Falls Apart Before It Gets Better

It Falls Apart Before It Gets Better ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Doesn't it seem like everything falls apart before it gets better? And when you're in the midst of it all, it feels like it will never, ever, get better.

People will come to see me with a laundry list of things they want transformed in their life. We work together. They may or may not notice any changes during the session. They go home. And everything falls apart.

And then it gets better.

Well, that sucks. Why does that happen? Why can't we wave a magic wand, go 'bibbity-bobbity-boo' and step into being instant millionaires?

(Let me tell you, win Mega or Power, and your life falls apart there, too).

Step back and look at your life as if it were a structure. It's a house that you've built. Your 'laundry list' reads: 'New roof, new plumbing, refinish floors, sunroom, master bathroom...'

What would your house look like if you initiated all that changes at once? There'd be no roof, holes in walls, floors stripped.  Even if it's going to be good on the other side, it's suckky to live in a house during a remodel.

Sometimes we know we called this growth period in. Often we feel like it's thrust upon us. And it doesn't always look like it's happening inside our 'house'.  A loved one gets ill. We get laid off.

The structure of our life is more than our bodies. It's the bigger foundation.

When growth occurs, it's because we're bringing a greater aspect of ourSelves in. Consciousness is a bright light, a high vibration, it is the Essence of who we truly are, more than this individual body and lifetime.

In my original training I learned we could only bring about 10% of us as Consciousness into our bodies. I believe that has changed and we are bringing much more in now.

This light reveals cracks in our structure, areas that can't contain our brightness. We are expanding to encompass more of who We are.

And, it shows up with shifts and changes in all areas of our lives. A loved one gets ill. We get to hold a bigger space for them in their experience. We grow, become more compassionate, gain greater emotional depth.

We lose our job, which seems to rock our underpinnings. And then we learn that our career isn't our identity, money shows up from different places, we have the opportunity to expand to new fields and new coworkers or environments.

Don't resist the light coming in. Don't resist the things that are disintegrating. In fact, your Light can strengthen weakened structures when you don't resist it.

Lean into the benevolent light. It is You, as Consciousness. Your life is growing into something new and better. are growing into You.

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