Friday, August 12, 2016

Your Biggest Block To Happiness

Your Biggest Block To Happiness ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Your biggest Block To Happiness isn't your family. It's not your ex. It's not your job (or lack of one). It isn't money. It's not where you live. It isn't the government. It's not time (or being too busy). It isn't your kids. It's not your age. It isn't your appearance.

Your biggest stumbling block is your inertia.
Moments of Inertia by Lucas V. Barbosa

Everyone has it. And it's not just internal. It's a key component of physical reality.

We are all weighed down by inertia. It's amazing any of us get up in the morning. Maybe that's why bladders were designed.

It's what the Wright brothers had to overcome when inventing the flying machine. It's what anyone faces when trying to take a quantum leap.

How do you break out of your rut? How do you go from your mundane life to living your dreams?

I dunno. I think I'll go back to bed.

We make up stories about our inertia. Oh, I can never do this or that, because of them or that thing that happened to me.  Our stories are very powerful. They are dream killers.

You get offered that perfect opportunity. The thing that will set you free. And you say no. It's not the right time. You don't have the money. Your family... your friends... I can't because...

For many people, they won't change until it gets unbearable. It reaches a breaking point. They hit bottom and have to get up.

Maybe your not uncomfortable enough with your discomfort?

So, here's the thing - your dreams, your desire to change, comes from your Essence, who you really are. You are Consciousness, as Consciousness you are the creator of your reality in physical form.

As Consciousness, all you have to do is conceive of an idea and it's already real. You are already there.

The thing is, your physical form, your body and your personality, exist in physical reality, which consists of density and effort. Your body feels too weighed down to get out of bed.

When our bodies and personalities are in charge, we think we have to walk everywhere. When we operate as Consciousness, we can fly.

This doesn't take years of therapy. It doesn't take elaborate ritual. A shift in perspective doesn't take any effort. It's just a decision. It's just doing it. It's taking off the smeared glasses and seeing yourself and the world as it really is.

To Consciousness, it's a playground of density and effort. As body/personality, if you work really hard, you can achieve some of your goals. As Consciousness, you can create anything that you want. And it usually ends up being greater than you could have imagined.

As Consciousness you know the bigger picture, your body/personality knows only what it sees in front of it, and it's views are distorted by it's memory of the past.

When you choose to operate as Consciousness, life becomes an adventure. Unexpected things start happening all the time. Your day becomes a series of synchronicities.

You don't have to hit bottom for this to happen. And you don't have to lose everything that you value when you make this change. Reality rearranges itself and becomes more enjoyable. You love what is. You have exactly what you need when you need it.

When you operate as Consciousness, it's a joy to jump out of bed in the morning (and it's equally joyful to snuggle in the covers and sleep in). Happiness is everywhere.

Just doing it doesn't take any effort. It's a simple choice. When you choose to operate as Consciousness, opportunities show up. Information gets provided. The way becomes clear. It just happens.

And if you're reading this, you've already made the choice!

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