Friday, September 9, 2016

Are You Having These Stranger, Inner, Sensations?

Are You Having These Stranger, Inner, Sensations? ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb

Nasa released a 1 minute video of droplets in space. It's fascinating. But when they came to the Alka-Selzer tablet, I went - that's what's happening to me!

On Earth, the Alka-Selzer Table bubbles would rise to the surface. In zero-gravity, they just bubble out in all directions. It's hard to describe, but that's what I've been noticing energetically.

In this new field of awareness, there are no directions. It's not going down-up. My old energy practice used to be focused towards the center of the Earth and was very gravity driven. Gravity has changed. Energy systems are changing.

Everyone is describing this in different ways. Over the past few years we've started talking about gravitational waves. We're talking about our DNA changing. I'm noticing it in energy systems, since I was so oriented towards the chakras and running energy.

The other day I noticed my solar plexus area being energetically different. In my old training this was your third chakra, which was energy distribution (if you run your body like a VW or a Hummer), and out of body memory (from astral traveling). It was like your engine room, a power center as information + energy = power.

I got an image of a Warp Core from Star Trek (I tried Googling an image to put here and there are too many to choose from. Mine was red and self contained).  I'm not geeky enough to know how that compares to a Tesla Engine (the euphemism I've been using to describe how this chakra is changing). I just know when I looked at them on Google, I noticed they stand upright, when chakras normally go from front to back.

Directionals are changing. It feels weird. It feels like gravity is changing. There's a buoyancy to energy. It doesn't feel grounded in the old, cording the Earth, way.

This is showing up differently for everyone. How you are experiencing it, depends on your orientation. I was a meditator for nearly 30 years, I was very oriented to grounding, to energy running through chakras. I was constantly monitoring energy, inside and out.  I still do, but it's different.

At a Meetup recently, I was facilitating a discussion and I noticed the area of my solar plexus... not being localized any more. That's the best way I can describe it. It felt more like a vortex... not dimensionally bound...

So my definitions of reality are shifting, and it's impacting all my creations. Old ways of manifestation aren't working, and I'm continually developing new techniques for navigating in this new world.

Notice how it is showing up in your life. It may look like external things breaking down, relationships changing, your hopes, dreams, and desires disintegrating. What you used to believe, you no longer believe. We're all going through a major reorganization. It's very disorienting.

I just realized that I've been trying to impose my old way of thinking on this new way of being. Rather than letting this new way of being inform how to interact in this new world.

It's like trying to impose Newton's Laws on Quantum Physics (I hope I got that analogy right).

Your old thinking can't help you with this one. You have to sense and intuit your way.

Someone in one of my meetups realized that she could find team members for her business by stepping into a Parallel Universe where they came to her. Now the right people have just been 'showing up', emailing her inquiries, etc.

I have that happening with my launching programs for the Fall. It's not happening old-style marketing. Old system Sales funnels don't work in the new Physics.

If you relax into this new way of being, you inherently know that all is well. It's when you fight against it, trying to keep it from happening (it's already happened), that you experience fear and anxiety, anger and resistance.

Take baby steps into this new experience. Baby steps into a parallel universe will actually quantum leap you into a completely transformed reality.

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