Friday, September 2, 2016

One Step Forward Isn't Two Steps Back

One Step Forward Isn't Two Steps Back ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Whenever you decide to become more Conscious, the first thing that comes up is unconsciousness. Thinking and behavior that is the opposite of what you want to become.

You make a bold declaration to step up and be more present, and suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to run and hide. You affirm that you'll live a more healthy life, and you get sick. You sign up with a personal trainer and you immediately pull a muscle.
Keeping physically fit; common-sense
exercises for the whole family

It may seem like hurdles or obstacles to what you want to achieve, but really it's what you're clearing out in order to attain your desire. You want more abundance and prosperity in your life and every issue about money gets triggered.

You as Consciousness choose whatever next step you're about to take, and You immediately set about creating space to have it. Really, You are choosing to become more embodied, and Your higher vibration is releasing whatever isn't in alignment with it.

We're collectively experiencing another growth shift, bringing more of our light into form, so deeper things are coming up, being revealed, as they're being released.

If you feel like you're dealing with stuff you've already processed, it doesn't mean you've backslid. You may be revisiting it as you carry it out to the curb to be recycled. It's like clearing out your basement and finding a box of items that should have been discarded before your last move. You didn't mean to bring it with you.

In fact, "you can't take it with you" doesn't just apply to leaving the body. You can't take it with you as you accelerate to your next level of being, either.

Now, it doesn't mean you have to sit and rummage through that box. Just bid it a fond farewell.

You can't hold onto dead weight as you rise to the surface. You have no need of old issues, resentments, war wounds, fears or regrets in this new world.

This has nothing to do with anyone around you. This has nothing to do with the company you keep. You don't have to leave them, you don't have to become estranged. Keep the focus on yourself. Within yourself. Release *your* stuff, and your surroundings will change.

This is a powerful moment in time. You can use it to propel forward. You can utilize it as a catalyst for transformation.

You as Consciousness are very excited about change. You as Consciousness are always growing always expanding. Your body might be feeling a little freaked out. The future is unknown. Acceleration could mean death.

You don't have to leave your body behind. You don't have to deny it's state. It's okay to nurture it. Slowing down doesn't actually slow You down as Consciousness. Slowing down doesn't stop evolution. It actually allows for you to bring your body along with you.

Anchor in the body (especially focus in the lower abdomen). Eat healthy food, take warm baths, let it be comfortable. Let it feel comforted.

When you are in your body, you will find yourself manifesting everything  you want. Everything you weren't able to have before, because you weren't home when the Universal Parcel Service stopped by.

Take it easy this weekend and see what happens!

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