Friday, September 30, 2016

Getting the Bends While Ascending

Getting the Bends While Ascending © 2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

"Decompression sickness''also known as ''the bends'' describes a condition arising from dissolved gases coming out of solution into bubbles inside the body on depressurisation. DCS most commonly refers to problems arising from underwater [diving decompression] during ascent, but may be experienced in other depressurisation events such as flying in a Cabin pressurization|unpressurised aircraft, and extravehicular activity from spacecraft. Wikipedia

When you're scuba diving and you come up too fast to the surface, you can get 'The Bends'. It's very uncomfortable, even fatal. When you are rising up from a great depth, where the water pressure is more dense you need to take it slowly so your body can adjust.

It feels like many folks are experiencing a form of  'the Bends' as they're experiencing more Consciousness.  If they've been dwelling in the density of old paradigm Earth, the increased light and higher vibration can be physically (and psychically) uncomfortable.
"Deep Sea World" in Scotland, photograph by Simon Johnston

One way this is showing up in people's lives is either revisiting old situations, new situations triggering old situations, or completely new opportunities outside one's comfort zone.

Revisiting old situations, like your ex from three years ago calling out of the blue, paperwork from an old lawsuit resurfacing, an issue at work you thought was resolved becomes problematic again.

New situations triggering old situations. You move to a new apartment building and the neighbors are just as noisy as the ones at your previous address.  You get a new medical bill, unrelated to the ones you paid off in the past.

Completely new opportunities outside your comfort zone. You have always done hourly work and you get a job offer out of the blue for a salary twice as much as what you normally earn. You haven't dated in three years because of a traumatic breakup, and your BFF's brother, a really cute *and* really nice guy, asks you out.

When you're find yourself revisiting old situations, it's really easy to go back to the old ways of reacting. Like letting your ex back into your life, knowing you'll regret it. Sticking the lawsuit paperwork in a drawer and hoping it goes away. The work issue keeps you up at night and has you updating your resume.

Same with new situations triggering old situations. You just know new neighbors are going to be just as unresponsive as the last ones. The new medical bill puts you in a meltdown remembering how hard it was to deal with the ones from before.

And the new opportunities, that should make you joyful, has you wanting to hide under your desk or not answer your phone or email.

Your stomach is in knots. You're getting sharp, stabbing headaches. You're biting your nails to the quick. That discomfort inside is kinda like the bends.

These all are opportunities to respond differently, from a more expanded point of view, from the more expanded Consciousness that you are.

It's ok not to respond to your ex. Read the paperwork, you might find it contains a settlement in your favor. Communicate to your supervisor about the work issue, you might find it a miscommunication.

Introduce yourself to your new neighbors and it turns out they didn't know someone had moved into the apartment next door. Talk to your insurance about the medical bill and discover that it wasn't a bill but a notification and it's completely covered.

Take the new job. Have coffee with your BFF's cute brother.

You'll find your body relaxing. You'll feel lighter and more expansive. You'll be able to feel the increased joy that is coming into the world.

In reflecting on this, I came up with a new technique. A treatment for 'The Bends' is to place the person in a Hyperbaric Chamber, to allow their system to recover more easily.

Imagine yourself in a Consciousness Chamber, where you are gently held while your body (and personality) adjusts to the clearer energetic atmosphere in the world today.

Play with this for the next few days, and see what happens!

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